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30 saint'Mary Axe skyscraper city of London (Norman Foster & partners ) work in progress

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A very complex and difficult skyscraper one of the main symbol of London city , take too many hours of work to build it , is in 1:1 scale and day by day i update the skyscraper to see the progress of costruction , i do by hands all the exterior glass windows , after the windows are made i start floor by floor all in creative till the panoramic dome at the last floor . is the most difficult build i have tried to build the exteriors columns made with an intricate web is incredible complex but is an architecture of Sir Norman Foster is normal that above it there is a complex engineering but i have almost 10 years of experience in building , when all is finished i publish the schematic . thanks to all .

schematics not avaiable for now

all credits HeliopolisCity

link to download all the map of Heliopolis city V.0-1 vercion

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Progress35% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : 09/21/2021 8:30:36 amSep 21st

The fourth attempt to build the skyscraper is failed but i have still learned a lot about the engineering of the structure and i decided to change dratsically the shape of the skyscraper and make it more similiar to the real one in London how is possible to see in the update log #1 is possible to compare the new shape with the old . Now im ready for the attempt number five with a new building teqnique studied to limitate the errors during the building of the skyscraper the problem is that require a great amount of time maybe 5 or 6 days to complete only the grill without the glass windows , here 2 picture that show what is maded in the morning of 21/09/2021


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