AC Origins Temple of Apollo

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avatar theannihilator2
Level 58 : Grandmaster Engineer
This is the 2nd largest temple in cyrene thats under the temple of mars on the acropolis, ive always liked the apolloion district of cyrene and since the pantheon i just built was lonely and i wanted to make another greek temple in the brand new style i decided to make this one. enjoy

you can use it however you want just give me credit for building it.
Creditassassins creed origins, ubisoft
Progress100% complete

05/29/2018 3:24 pm
Level 49 : Master Network
We've got a greek/roman mythology server on our network so it's great to see these kinds of builds! Minecraft is certainly lacking greco-roman projects so you sir are doing a good thing here :) Other than that, loving the block pallet and this temple is simply majestic.
05/30/2018 9:51 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Engineer
well 5 years ago when greco-roman builds were really popular there was alot of projects but recently there hasn't been much compared to back then, but thanks these assassins creed origins temples really do have a nice look to them and they deserve to be remade in minecraft :)
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