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Church of Santa Constanza

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theannihilator2 avatar theannihilator2
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Engineer
This is my speculative reconstruction of the church of st constanza and its attached basilica of St. Agnes around the year 360 when the mausoleum was attached. This was one of the last constantanian building projects to be built in rome before the capital was moved to constantinople. The basilica was built over a pre existing hippodrome earlier possibly in 335 along with a triconch that was later replaced with the current mausoleum , When Constantina, daughter of Emperor Constantine, died in 354, her body was returned to be buried in the porphyry sarcophagus that was in the mausoleum now in the vatican.The Basilica was thought to have been a funerary basilica with bodies buried up to 5 deep under the removable tile floor and so i tired to mimic the way they were positioned with the floor pattern.today the mausoleum of santa constanza is still very much intact although missing some of the mosaics known from renaissance drawings while the majority of the basilica has collapsed with the exception of the substantial retainer wall.

This was another build that had been sitting on my list for years and after building really dragging out was finally completed in its real world orientation

Please enjoy it and hope it inspires some more roman builds, you can use
it for anything you want just give me credit for building it

-special thanks to shj1996 marvelfannumber1 and moodygorilla for exterior texturing ideas/help
CreditRacetrack to Salvation: The Circus, the Basilica, and the Martyr university of chicago press paper, the byzantine legacy santa constanza
Progress100% complete

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09/18/2022 4:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
sillyfool420 avatar
God your builds are so cool man. I don't think I've ever seen so many complete and detailed recreations. I love how, as I think you've mentioned, you consult lots of texts, including ancient texts, in order to get things right, I love your use of color in order to bring old structures and their details to life. God, man, you're just so cool.
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