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Aderlyon Build Academy

Aderlyon Build Academy has been a long term goal for our team members. Aderlyon Build Team's senior members have come together to give every member of the community access to building advice, lessons and resources. Aderlyon Build Academy will have weekly lessons every Sunday at 1800 GMT.

Academy students are also invited to unscheduled sessions that will be announced on our discord as well as the opportunity to receive direct feedback on submitted builds from our award-winning instructors.

Please read more about Aderlyon's Build Academy below, where we have answered many of your questions! If you have anymore questions, feel free to post them in the comments or on our discord where a member of our management team can respond to you.

Read about Aderlyon's Build Academy!

Aderlyon Build Academy | Aderlyon Build Team Minecraft Map

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Aderlyon Build Academy | Aderlyon Build Team Minecraft Map

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If you're interested in joining Aderlyon's Build Academy as a student, please join our discord and receive the role through the reactions channel. Our Build Instructor applications recently opened. You are able to apply for Build Instructor by creating a ticket on our discord server.

We would also love to hear your suggestions for future classes run by the Build Academy. Everyone is welcome to leave these suggestions and feedback in our feedback channel or in the comments.

All members of the Minecraft community are able to practise building on our creative server - play.aderlyon.com. Our creative server is tailored to help people of all experience and skill levels to improve their building.

I hope to see you at our launch!

Social Media

Twitter : twitter.com/aderlyon

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/aderlyonbuildteam/

Twitch :

Youtube : www.youtube.com/channel/UCHsgH-xPbf63tYq0qIMW2Hw

MCM : www.mc-market.org/members/241720/

Discord : https://discord.gg/Ce2MUnmEE3
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Update #1 : 01/31/2021 11:18:24 amJan 31st

Class two starting shortly.

01/23/2021 9:31 am
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01/23/2021 7:34 am
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01/23/2021 5:05 am
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I look forward to checking this out :)
01/22/2021 9:01 pm
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This looks great! I think I could definitely use this to learn a few things. I wonder how the format will turn out. :)
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