ADVENTURE PARK (Minecraft Adventure Map)

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avatar OneTeamProduction1
Level 14 : Journeyman Engineer
New Minecraft experience!
Hello player are you bored,looking for new kind on minecraft experience? Well welcome to:
We presenting you alot of fun,challenge and alot more in one minecraft map!
Adventure park is theme park that contain 7 different main games.Your goal is to complete all of them and claim ultimate award!Each game request different skills to complete it.All games are:
-Archery here you gonna see if you accurate enough to bring king pig for a dinner.
-TIME RUNNER this game isnt a joke! U need to make quick decisions because your time is running out.Oh do I mention u will have company there!
-LAVA BLOCK Dont you mean skyblock?No no we have lava block!
-ROOM ESCAPE old good room escape with new tricks!
-ROLLERCOASTER It wont be a usual ride!
-PARKOUR Why dont we show you a new era of parkour!
-DEMON HUNTER you like to hunt demons?Do you maybe like be a hero?Or do you like adventure? Well this game is right for you!

Map include:
-Amazing buildings
-Huge commandblock mechanisms
-3D models
-Custom sounds
-Custom voice acting
-Visual and Sound effects
-Multiple Conversation
-Different Endings

New updateswill come each weekend!
For more information contact us on Planet Minecraft or Twitter
Progress55% complete

03/24/2018 3:10 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
how to download?
03/24/2018 3:59 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Engineer
As you can see map is still in progress 55% for now
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