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Aeterna Metro Network - Powered by MTR Mod

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Level 30 : Artisan Architect
Hello everyone,

I decided to create a complete underground metro network on a city map (made by another member, link in the credits) with the MTR mod under Fabric 1.17.1. Most of the stations will be inspired by the Moscow, Berlin and Paris subway stations. For the moment only a part of the L1, L1E and L3 lines are finished. I will post YouTube videos showing the interior of the stations as well as rides on a train. I plan to also expand the urban area with new buildings and districts. I expect to release the first version of the map with fully completed netword on February 2022 and the final version of the map with all planned buildings on June 2022. I'll maybe expand the metro network further than showed map after the June update.

About the graphic design: the transit map as well as other graphic elements are heavily inspired by the Moscow's subway design. I'll try to also add livery variants for trains on each line to fit well to my graphic design, as well as adding new boards.

October Update:

I decided to expand the subway system by adding Big Circular line (brown line), Pink line, 3 suburb railway lines with 3 big railway stations as well as expanding Grey, Green and Red lines. In total, I expect to build 40 more stations for a total of ~80 stations in the area of 20 km² (around 4000 x 5000 blocs). I'll also translate all graphic elements (map included) in English and Russian.

I hope that at least 70% of the stations have a unique and elaborate architectural style, so that's why it will take a little time to build the whole metro network.

Expected opening of the lines:

  • L1: November 2021

  • L2: October 2021

  • L3: January 2022

  • L4: November 2021

  • L5: December 2021

  • L6: February 2022

  • L7: December 2021

  • L8: January 2022

  • L8A: January 2022

  • L9: March 2022

  • L10: March-April 2022

  • S1, S2 and S3: May-June 2022

Further expansions are expected with eventually some station name changes.

South Village
Roxart CastlepartialGolden Fieldsunfinished
Mirenbourg CSpartialMirov HillunfinishedPalace/Kronbergdone
BasilicadoneSenate SquareunfinishedRevolution Squarepartial
Tiber QuayunfinishedColiseumunfinishedArts-Lawdone
Alexander's GardenunfinishedUniversityunfinishedAltenburgpartial
BastionunfinishedBaumann TowerunfinishedRoyal Palaceunfinished
CitadelunfinishedSt. Isaac FortunfinishedRosenberg's Castlepartial
ForestdoneMars FieldunfinishedWest Villagedone

08/10/2021: Revolution Square station done
15/10/2021: Finished the construction of the line 7
17/10/2021: BIG UPDATE: complete graphic revamp and addition of 3 new lines. The subway system completion will be delayed until February.
Progress10% complete

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