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avatar TheHierophant
Level 2 : Apprentice Architect
Hi. I'm the Hierophant, and this is my project - Age of Minecraft.

Now, as you can probably guess, this project will revolve around me doing structures from one of the Age of Empires series, particularly, Age of Mythology. Main idea is to replicate buildings from AoM into minecraft using nothing, but blocks, some commands on occasion and sheer dedication. I've seen some people do this before, but never someone who came close to replicating the entire plethora of AoM structures. I have no clue how long this will take, though, but I sure am excited to be working on such a big project. :D

Before we begin, some things I'd like to establish:
  • There's total of five civilizations in AoM (including all of the extensions) - Greeks, Egyptians, Norse, Atlanteans and Chinese. Each culture will get its spotlight.
  • Not all of the buildings are gonna be featured, however. If a building is exclusive for the Editor, certain campaigns or certain random maps, they won't be here. (Only exception are separate statues of Major Gods, it saves a whole bunch of space to make them separately)
  • Neither will be summonable buildings that come from God powers and whatnot. No Plenty Vaults, Healing Fountains, Underworld Passages or Citadels.
  • No walls. That's just a personal preference, seeing how there's about 11 different wall types
  • The structures in AoM follow a certain proportion system, where buildings take a square space consisting of "tiles", for example, a town center takes 16 tiles, a house takes 4 and a tower takes 1. These tiles are represented by the black-yellow net on the minecraft field and are equal to 9x9 blocks.
  • I really wanna build atlantean structures sooner, but it's not gonna be feasible without 1.13's prismarine stairs and slabs. :C
  • AoM marks buildings with player's color in certain places. I'm keeping that in, but assigning each civilization with its own color: Blue for Greeks, Yellow for Egyptians, Green for Norse, Cyan for Atlanteans and Red for Chinese.
Now that this is done, let's begin. So far this is what I've got.

Current Building count: 38/113 (33.63%)
Current Tile count: 173/1814 (9.54%)

Detailed description of AoM buildings size
Towers, Major God Statues, Monuments to Priests, Soldiers and Laborers are 1x1 tiles or 9x9 blocks or smaller

Non-atlantean houses, drop-off sites and Monument to Pharaohs are 2x2 tiles or 19x19 blocks or smaller

Docks, Monuments to Gods, Economic Guild, atlantean Manors, chinese Garden, Oranos' Sky Passage and Lighthouse are 3x3 tiles or 29x29 blocks or smaller

Fortress, Migdol Stronghold, Hill Fort, Palace and Castle are 5x5 tiles or 49x49 blocks or smaller.

Wonders are 8x8 tiles and 79x79 blocks or smaller.

Everything else is 4x4 tiles or 39x39 blocks or smaller.

Entire map fits on 43x43 tile spaces
Progress5% complete

5 Update Logs

Update #5, 24.06.2018 : 06/24/2018 2:45:35 pmtoday

The build count says 33% of the project is completed, the tile count says I haven't even reached 10%... Dx

Deleted the spoilers with images, added an imgur gallery. Apparently there's a restriction on how many images you can cramp into one topic without using an imgur gallery, which is understandable. Over one hundred screenshots isn't fun for any computer to load simultaneously, and I probably should've thought of this beforehand, but it still feels bad to have wasted time on the spoilers with images. Oh well, at least I get to name stuff.

The slideshow thingy at the top of the topic is decided to be for the best-looking buildings in the project. I'm unsure, however, on what to put there, since pretty much all of the buildings so far have been either relatively small houses (Town Centers too, I mean, they're pretty much just three smaller buildings around a campfire) or Major God Statues.

Added a whole bunch of stuff. Namely, Storage Sites, but some other miscellaneous stuff as well (A Chinese Garden, an Egyptian Obelisk and Monument to Laborers, and a Greek Temple).

Decided to stretch building the Monuments throughout the project: On the Archaic Age buildings I made the Monument to Laborers, Classical Age structures will include Monuments to Soldiers and Priests, Heroic Age batch of buildings will have Monument to Pharaohs, and Mythic Age will yield three Monuments to Gods.

Will post the order of building stuff in the next log, probably.

Current Wip: Temples, more specifically, the Egyptian Temple. One thing that bothers me about it, though, is usage of columns that I have zero clue on how to replicate:

Might post-pone that to a later date, but there really doesn't seem to be any blocks in 1.13 that's allow me to replicate pattern at the bottom of the column, so I'm very stumped. Please, if you have any idea, I'd love to listen.

The steam-bought version of expanded AoM broke itself... somehow. Rest in pixels.

Afterthought: I feel like at some point I would have to build a world with a World Painter, and fill the entire place with my buildings. I can't imagine that sitting in a square-tiled pattern is gonna do them any justice.

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  • chriskade
  • Level 13
  • Journeyman Miner
  • June 15, 2018, 5:32 am
Looks great! Keep up the amazing work ;D
  • NikoliSevenn
  • Level 28
  • Expert Dragonborn
  • June 13, 2018, 6:42 am
Love it!
  • BioPowered
  • Level 29
  • Expert Engineer
  • June 13, 2018, 4:22 am
I had the same idea a while back. It already looks so good! Can't wait for AoE IV

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