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Aircraft carrier | C&C Red Alert 3

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Level 70 : Legendary Dragon
terThanks to a German breakthrough in drone technology, the aircraft carrier is equipped with network of automated drone manufacturing and launch bays, which can be maintained and operated by a modestly-sized crew.
Every carrier contains a full complement of Sky Knight-class UCAVs, each of which is armed with a powerful 500 lb. armor-piercing bomb similar to Jethro gravity bombs commonly used by the Century bombers, effective in long-range engagements against fortifications and installations.
By launching a Blackout missile, Aircraft Carriers can create an EMP surge in a targeted area, temporarily shutting down all vehicles and structures in the area.
Alliance side
Aircraft carrier | C&C Red Alert 3 Minecraft Map
Aircraft carrier | C&C Red Alert 3 Minecraft Map
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Level 1 : New Network
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