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Akaruishima - The Feudal Japanese Island [Never finished]

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Spoiler - click to reveal the server specific Lore
Akaruishima is an Island near the Land of Aringar.
A long time ago, some Japanese fisher and distributors stranded on this Island, near the mainland.
Due to her good military and economy location, they decided to stay and build the VIllage known as Sakana.
At first, they used all the wood on the Island (which was only Birch) to build the first houses and new ships.
With these, they sailed to the mainland and got more wood: mostly Dark Oak and Spruce was found.
The mainland exposed a good population of sheep and cows, which both secured the nourishment of the small population.
After the first little village was built, a Shinto Priest found his way onto the Island and convinced the village founders to build a temple.
To secure the trading route and give the village safety from attacking of the mainland, they decided to build a Pagoda and a small military troop.
Today the Village lives in Peace and Harmony with itself and nature.
Aringar accepted its existence and made up a trading route, which brings wealth to the village and Japanese culture to Aringar.

I present proudly my first free built Japanese village.
It took almost a year to this point of state (with a long pause period)
It's so close to be done but I don't have the time at the moment to finish it completely.
Whats missing?
- Ships (I need help with those Ships argh!)
- 2 Caves need inner design
- 5 houses need interior design
- npc's and quests need to be set up (will be the very last point)

Screenshots taken with Kuda Shader.

The Project couldnt be fully finished before the Server got shutdown.
Progress100% complete

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