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Angelus - Land after the Great War [1.5-1.7]

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Level 50 : Grandmaster Architect
Important Update!
"A new gate has opened, in the far east of Angelus. The mountain has split, a doorway has appeared. Behind it, a country of old, not seen by many a generation, from the time of the Grand Heroes. Stranger, seek you still a quest?"

"It be a long time ago, before the birth of nations, when a great evil came loose unto the world. From beyond all ill tides, the portals of death, came forth, from the Slitt, the Domain of the Sands, him, the Dark Lord Israphel.

Then defeated by two heroes of legend, aided by knights of temples, the great evil was locked away, by aid of the magic of the Fumblemores.

Locked in an obsidian prison, void from time and space, he rests and awaits his imminent return...

In-game Prologue


Good to see the resurrection program has gone according to procedure and expectation. You might wonder who or what we are. We can say that this fact is not your concern nor of any interest to your adventure. All you must know is that you have been granted back your life, as punishment for your former sins and for repaying the people you have done wrong to, in a good sense. That means no killing, torturing, punishments, assassinations, murder, theft or any other subjects along that category.

The resurrection program is an investment we have been making as a final hope for making something of this world. This world has been scarred with war and violence and unless anything changes in the near future, we shall condemn all of this world to rebirth, to righten and undoing all mistakes.

You are part of this effort, especially because you don't want this, wether you realize it or not. All sin committed will be cleansed if you fulfill this life with many good deeds and none to little sins. Remember, if you fail to accomplish this task, you'll be punished by spending eternity in the Nether and all time after that by falling through the End, over and over again.

This infograrm is a formal notice, more of bureaucratic importance rather than being meant to inform you. Your life is worth nothing, for now.

Now, awakeo¦"


Hello, viewer, and welcome at my page of my Adventure/Exploration Map. The entire map has an underlying story, based upon the adventures of the Yogscasts and the characters playing in it.

Your journey begins at the Spire, an enormous tower, build in a crater made by the magical clashings between Israphel and the Fumblemores. This Spire connects to all the great or important areas, such as New Laputa, the Airport, Elvenborough and Tyrania.

There's no need to follow any of these in a certain order or to do them all. If you want to discover the full story however, you'll have to scour every single city, town or scenic landscape feature, in order to find all notes, diaries, letters and books, which all together form the Tale of the Great War.

But besides great cities, there are also small towns. And here be one objective I give you: Conquer them all! Just how many villages there will be is unknown, but your objective is to conquer them all. You conquer them by upgrading all buildings according to a certain patern and then placing a flag on top of the largest building.

There might come something like a Victory Monument, but that's undecided for the moment.
There now is a victory monument, thought very crude and basic still. I also have to find a better way of distributing the wools and metal blocks (meaning I need better challenges to get them...). Many thanks to Vechz for giving us the wonderfull CTM-toolkit to use with MCedit. Remember though that at the moment, not all wools have been placed and the challenges will be made better.

There will also be a number of objectives you may complete. An example is building a house of two stories, made out of wood and brick, with a chimney.

Several creations of other people were used, all of them being credited in the Spire's Spawn Chamber and in an additional note. All people have been asked for permission and the schematics otherwise not responded to were stated be used as one wants, if only the creators are notified. Following all thus have been done, one way or another, this map is legal and fair.

Structures and regions.
The Ark.
Ever since the migration of the Testificates from their original homeland to Angelus, they have slowly but steadily begun to crowd out the natives of the region. Where once in Grag'Nor, Human NPC's ruled in majority (along with minorities of Zombols, Skelebro's & Pigmen), Testificates, with their unusually high reproduction rate, had slowly begun to form the majority over the course of three milenia. By the end of the 30th millenium, Human NPC's faced a second danger, in the form of an artificial virus, the END-Virus.
Causing malady and death to the infected, it thinned the already dwindling population in record speed. Those left alive then were sterilized and only those who were immune could further the human reproduction. Already in the 29th millenium, plans had begun to secure Human Legacy, involving the relocation of treasures and invaluable object to a secret site. But when Human populus stagnated, it had been decided it was no longer necessary. The introduction of the END-virus caused a complete rebooting of the program, now extending into the creation of the Ark; A massive construct, said to house all human history and culture. Where it is located, no Testificate knows. No humans remain who know, as only a few members of the Morrowind family had survived the Plague untouched. Only they know the final location...
For the Ark, I used the model of the USS Courageous, submitted by Momentaneously. The model I used wasn't completely finished, so I have redone some areas to fit in with the storyline and the purpose it's supposed to serve.

The Temples of Victory.
The temples of victory, a series of challenges, especially designed to test one's strength, stealth and intelligence. They are spread throughout all of Angelus and are very treasured by those who live around them. Each temple yields a certain coloured wool as prize and medal, which can be taken to the Monument of Victory at the Spire. Some are harder then others and some are just impossible. It should be noted that although they all were once located above ground, the Great War has burried many of them, completely of partially... If you pay no attention to your surroundings, you can never find them all. Even their entrance aren't easy to find. Wether they be above ground, under water or behind lava, going through the entrances is never straight forward...
Hint: Each temple is located near a town, village, city or any other very visible and recognizable structure. Stay near these and you'll find them all as easy as it can get. There are also several difficulty grades. The Temple nearest to the Spire is the hardest to complete, as it requires a large supply of potions and golden apples if you wish to survive it to the end.

The former centre of the Angelus Region, now the centre has moved towards the Spire. Tyrania is an incredible city, made of leveled plains, cornered by cobblestone walls and watchtowers. Its harbor is almost always closed and is therefore unused. The old castle, now half-ruined, once was Tyrania's pride. Now, the only 'small' pride Tyrania has is its small train-station and railway to the Spire. How the mighty have fallen...
But not all is bad here. Tyrania has connections to Creeper Town and to the Isles of Skye. It's 'great' pride is its Tree of Light, which has tempted many adventurers and visitors for it is made of gold plates and glowing stones worked into the gold. But its guardian slays anyone who dares to peel off even one scratch of the Tree...
Tyrania is also connected to Elvenborough by sea and land. By using a boat and the Tower of Power as a reference point, you can easily find the path to Elvenboroughs demoslished walls...

The Isles of Skye.
These enchanted isles, floating in mid-air, are always migrating, drifting along on the strong windcurrents. Protected by the magic of Crayge Fumblemore, no one dares attack it. It's known for the fine bacon of its small town, the Town of Pigu. Apparently their cooking techniques have been thaught to them by a Bacon. But exactly which Bacon it was, is for you to find out...
It should also be noted that this village holds a very powerfull item in its vault. And they take good care of it, for anyone who tried to open the vault, found themselves on a rather unpleasant downwards flights...
PS: Another notable inhabitant is the Witch, who made the island she lives on by slicing a mountain from the Earth and turning it upside down, using her magic.

Long times ago, Elvenborough was the home of the Elven-race. But the savage war between Minecraftia and Israphel drove them to faraway countries. Some remained, but also eventually fled. Now, Elvenborough is just an abandoned city, made out of enormous trees, its protective walls crumbling down...

The Spire.
The Spire, to mages known as the Skye Cord, is the tallest and one of the most known structures in Angelus. Constructed shortly after the Great War, it was build to serve as a centre of meeting and trading. The waterfall at its side made it a dangerous place for ships though (as seen by one of the wrecks present). At its summit, one can see as far as Tyrania, before the fogs cloud all sight. It's also home to the mysterious Chamber of Credits, where great heroes and architects are applauded for their deeds and accomplishments.

The Spire has experienced several stages of growth and decay that made it into the sight it nowadays beholds:
  • The first stage of growth was directly after the imprisonment of Lord Israphel and the impuls for the growth was obviously the end of the Great War and the rebuilding of the old cities. Since the Spire was a turning point in the War, as here the odds turned to favour the heroes, it was decided by the Council (then existing out of Honeydew, Xephos, the Fumblemores and Nubesqa) that it would fit a good purpose as the centre of the a rebuild nation. This stage extisted primarily out of aquaducts and damwalls around the Spire, largely drenching it from the abundance of water that flowed into it every moment.
  • The second stage was introduced by the first decay of power in the region. When the original council had lost most of its members (Honeydew and Xephos having died of old age, Fumblemore having blown himself up and Bogbeard having suffocated in a mushroom), the last remaining member , Mme. Nubesqa relinquished power to a group of ambassadors, who each represented a city or town. This caused a change in power, as the central command of the Council fell away and the cities began favouring eachother, causing harsh competitions and even some small wars. In this stage, only a few building had been erected, most notably the middle part of the Spire Tower.
  • The third stage was one of unpresented growth, caused by the establishment of the Guild, a group of wealthy and powerfull individuals that had come forth from the fights between cities and towns in the send stage. Initially more a mob-family that anything else, they soon rose to power and united the entire region under a new central command. They rebooted the constructions on the Spire Tower, finishing it after a few decades, and planting the Great Sign above the most important towns, using the magic and aid of descendants of the Fumblemores and Nubesqa. They connected the largest cities with the underground railtracks and began the construction of Yager and the Guild Fleet. It is thanks to the Guild that the Airport exists and that all cities had become connected by foot, rail and air transport.

The Guild has since the third stage ended, a result of the flux of Testificate populus growth, retreated high into the skies above Angelus and are still ruling the region and conducting important events. Yager and the Guild Fleet now lay dormant at their place of construction.

All credit is given in the room in which you spawn. You should start with a selected inventory and you'll be poisened. To understand why this is, you have to read the Prologue txt-file that comes with the ZIP-file.

To many members of the Angelyan Testificate populus, Neana is a symbol of hope, of Testificate independance. It's a small town, compared to Grag'Nor but it is the largest Testificate town, made by testificates alone, without interference of the Guild or any Estevyan individuals. But the Guild sees much and we have seen the past under Neana. And it's a past which Testificates might not want to know about...
Note: Neana was a personal attempt at a thing called style integration. Basically it means creating new buildings using the measurements and blocks used by the in-game generator. It gave some wacky results, but turned out pretty nice.


New Laputa.
A mysterious floating city, build by a secretive Steampunk Guild, designed after one of the Legendary Cities: Laputa. Though the original is supposed to roam the skies of the mythical Aether, this impressive copy has put many at aw. In its center, its powersource can be seen.
The artificial lake beneath it met a fate as a popular recreational body of water and many visitors come purely for the views of the city floating above it. And though many want to go in, one might question himself "How do get up"?

Arctic Laputa.
The sister city of New Laputa, also created by the same mysterious Steampunk Guild. This city is located in the Tundrarctic Fields of Angelus and consists mainly out of wood. But in response to this, the power output of the system keeping it in the air had to be higher, since wood lacks the conductivity relative to Quantum Gravitrons, which are the Elemental Particles that the system uses to keep things afloat. This resulted in a located weather anomaly that caused for low hanging clouds to form around the city, created in a spiral shape, made completely out of snow, thus making the air in the vicinity of the city three times more dense. This in turn resulted in a rather catastrophic creation of an eternal snowlayer in the area and several anomalous gravitational zero-zones, where gravity behaves out of the ordinary. Because of this series of onfortunate events, the cities completion was only three years before its final abandonement, due to the incapacity of having a sustainable environment, created by the highly variable gravity disruptions. Those who know the Guild and who the Guild knew were strongly advised not to enter this zone ever again, for the chance was real that an unwary traveler might find itself someday in such a gravity bubble, floating up in the air for several hundred feet, before plumiting down once they floated outside the bubble, towards a gruesome death. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Both the Laputa cities are high up, but still under 128 blocks. For New Laputa, a water elevation system is present, but in the case of Arctic Laputa, U will have to jump from cloud to cloud. There's one cloud that connects to the ground, so you have a solid basis.

Infernya, the Dwarfenmine, where lava is water and grass is mythical. Though that might be an exageration, Infernya should not be taken lightly. Located underneath Angelus, its mines and caves stretch many many miles. One can enter it through the Ditch, an old overgrown stripmine from ancient times, with its Guardian, an enormous skeleton of a prehistoric beast that died many era's ago. The dwarfs didn't leave much evidence of their presence behind, except for the large column in the the main hall, which got the rather wrong name of "The Dwarf". Silly dwarfs, with their silly dwarvennames for weird things...

Skullfront Cove.
"She be a scourge of the innerseas, that is. Her teeth be always clenched together with a knife between, since she be fighting all time when possible. I tell ya, better ste away from Skullfron' Co'e."
Skullfront Cove, also known as the pirate nest, is the, well, nest of Dreadpirate Shayina. She and her pirate lords are allways on the search for new treasure to get a hold on. Take her not lightly! One misstep and she'll throw you in the Kraken's beak without hesitation!

Survival Isles.
A group of isles, artificially constructed by a small group of people that stranded there a few decades ago. But since they knew nothing of boats and such, they were literally stuck. But after a few years, they had erected a few large structures, using the resourced they mined from beneath the sea.
Nowadays, they have come to know boats through a few travelers who found them. But they remained on their islands and now they heavily import dirt and cobblestone to further expand their isles. For now, all excess dirt and cobblestone is redirected to them by boat. All of it....

The Cube.
Little is known about this mysterious 'cube'. The only thing that we know is that those who enter, never leave...
Hint: The Cube can be found underneath Arctic Laputa.

Grag'Nor, the last unclaimed bordercity of Angelus. Erected during the Great War to protect Angelus against Israphel's evil, its main castle is unclaimable and its protective walls are 10 blocks thick. Not once has an enemy managed to get in. It stood out a 15 month siege without difficulty and still wards off enemies till his day.
Due to its status as bordercity, it also acts as a port for refugees, guiding them from Minecraftia to the innerlands of Angelus. This also allows easy control over who exactly enters Angelus. Its outerwall stretches for miles along the border and would remind an Earthly visitor of the Chinese Great Wall...
There is, however, a prophecy, a prophecy that claims that, when a prison is unlocked and a great evil roams again, this city will act as a last bastion against armies of undead and a tidalwave of fear and despair...

Beneath Grag'Nor, an extensive sewersystem lies. Many secrets have come here, secrets the Testificate populus not too fond of...

Beyond Grag'Nors main gate, a desolate wasteland lies. No grass, shrub, tree nor flower still lives here. When venturing past the maingate, you will quickly see the mountains that separate Minecraftia from Angelus. Now only a desolate dessert, with no water or cattle, it's in a constant darkness, the sun blotted out by an evil dark miasma that stretches along its perimeter. It is said that past the mountain range, only death awaits...

Relic crater.
Relic Crater is what it is; A giant crater, inhabited by an ancient civilization eons ago. Now, only rubble remains. No building is any longer recognizable and the place is riddled with Hoodoo-Voodoo Boxes, making it extremely dangerous. It's bordered by a group of giant trees, overgrown with shrubbery and smaller trees. It has access to some mines and a ravine now crosses it, cutting straight through the foundations. The dozens of chests have almost all been raided and only few contain items left by the original inhabitants. A small village is found nearby, barely known to exist. Nobody knows if this place holds any more secrets nor does anyone knows who the ancient civilizations was. It can be seen as the oldest mystery in all of Angelus.


The Morrowind Family.
The Morrowind family is a very peculiar family, spread across the entire land of Angelus. And most often, their homes are located far away from any city or village. And even if you find their homes, there is no certainty that there is any treasure. They're just a weird family.
So if you bump across a weird and abandoned house in the midlle of nowhere, you can be sure that it's a Morrowind.

The Astronomicon.
For several centuries, the Astronomicon-area had been completely isolated, completely cut off from the rest of Angelus. Now, they have broken through the wall that separated everyone and a new area has been brought to light to all in Angelus to see. Venture through the Break and explore the religious quests of the Astronomicon!

City Coordinates.
In the case that the way is unclear, which can be always, here are the coordinates of the major cities and structures. Do note that these are not all structures and that to discover all of them, you need to explore the map by foot or by flight. Please, do consider the basic storyline, explained on this page and in the blog post and try to visit the cities in this order.

Airport.x: -3218 y: 64 z: 1214
Tyrania. x: -923 y: 69 z: 1605
Elvenborough.x: -13 y: 83 z: -160
Spire.x: -3482 y: 5 z: -293
New Laputa.
x: -4711 y: 64 z: -112
Arctic Laputa.x: -3466 y: 71 z: -2835
Grag'Nor.x: -1196 y: 69 z: 1605
Town of Plugmarket.x: -2776 y: 64 z: -1229
Town of Plankcbucket.x: -2885 y: 70 z: -1993
Town of Muggleplanck.x: -2925 y: 69 z: -1098
Ruins of Pluckmucket.x: -2807 y: 71 z: -1067
Nation of Crow.x: -713 y: 70 z: -3182
Pirate Cove.x: -891 y: 64 z: -3579
Relic Crater: x: -2444 y: 70 z: -2040
Neana: x: -2618 y: 158 z: 779
Astronomicon: TBA/ Tp available at the Spire!

Morrowind Establishment Coordinates.
Morrowind Flora: x: -572 y: 97 z: -3193
Morrowind Ashley: x: -3823 y: 75 z: -377
Morrowind Vulcan: x: -1942 y: 117 z: 926
Morrowind Allistar: x: -638 y: 73 z: 1062

"A Morrowind member is said to live near the city of Neana, but none yet know his name. He's a recent arrival and still fairly unknown. We, of the Guild, hereby declare a reward for any relevant information about this individual."

Notes Previews.
Catacombes 1.
"You seem to have found yourself in the cavesystem beneath the city. In the old days, these caves provided the people of the city with all kinds of ores and buildings materials. But these seem to have been used to dig out gravel and dirt veins. But why? Perhaps you should venture deeper in."

GBook 1.
"Excavation Month 3: It is as we suspected! The gravel and dirt in these caves has stored the explosive gasses, produced by the production of the coal in the earth! If any open fire ever comes near these veins of dirt or gravel, the stored gasses explode! We have been scooping out this dirt and gravel for 3 months now, without knowing this. We have no choice but to remove all dirt used in the city. If we don't, we might risk explosions whenever the gasses release."
"Excavation Month 5: We have removed all the dirt used in the city! Thank goodness no gasses released. On orders of Psy, to whom these dairies shall be given, we have started excavating the remaining veins. If we don't do this, any gasses released might eventually be building up to the point that they'll ignite on own accord."
"Excavation Month 6: Psy has concluded that we have removed enough veins to prevent any excessive build-ups of gasses. All extruded veins are now being stored in containers near Psy's house. He'll check the releasing gass percentages and check if there ever will be another problem like this. For now, he has also found out that the coal in these tunnels is making the gasses and therefore he suggests we mine as much of it as possible. This way, the main source of these gasses is removed and there shouldn't be any other problems left."

Morrowind Diary.
"To whomever finds this diary, welcome. By the time you read this, the chances are slim that i'll be alive still. I hope the spawner at the entrance didn't cause too much problems, but it's a necessary precaution, since some adventuring idiots found it particulary funny in the past to bother me on a daily base.
My name is... Well, I guess you know my name. More importantly is my family name: Morrowind. My family has a long history, stretching back as far as to the first Era, when mankind is spread scarsely throughout the lands. My family was the first ever clan to be in this world. Due to this, nowadays, we have a legendary status, but with great cost.
My living relatives are, like me, bothered on daily base by idiots who think we can provide them with great knowledge and wisdom. This has caused my family to live secluded, far away from all cities and civilization. I have my home here, beneath the great city of Grag'Nor and knowing so, I'm the only one who lives this close to a city.
My sisters and brothers are spread throughout Angelus, so you won't find them easily, except if you're willing to venture into the Wild.
The point is that I hope you haven't come here for treasure or knowledge, since there isn't any. The only thing I can provide you is this: Live your life as you want it, not solely to please or impress others. It's your life, not theirs.
As I'm writing this, I can feel my end nearing. My Zombol friends will happily dispose of my body, which I requested them myself. I only hope that one day my family can live amongst humans again..."

Youtube Videos.
Isles of Skye:www.youtube.com/watch?v=doa3rPTTKfc
Arabasque Cave Capital:www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1IpRoY2f7A
The Cube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ4WN4kKOEM
Grag'Nor: www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1LF1Le4lqw
Netheral Wastelands: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNhRYgE-_0g
Compilation of Creations: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfgGbEXkEeI

MCWorldmap view:www.minecraftworldmap.com/worlds/lfolp#/-179/64/-702/max/0/0

Teaser Images.

Angelus - Badlands Egde

Angelus - Badlands Mine

Angelus - Badlands Islands






Easter Egg
Extract from 'Views across dimensions - A Seer's Visions.'

Additional Notes

Some areas have no direct connection through the normal world and have to be reached by going through certain portals. But beyond portals of death, not always will you find life or order. More often, only silence you will find.

It's also hinted that some areas should be gazed upon when playing on peacefull, given you want to survive several dozens of monsters.

A considerable amount of builds that are scattered around the map have been made by other people and have been introduced into the map to create a genuine feeling of 'cultural' variety in the RPG-part of the map. Their names will be mentioned either at the spawn in the map or in this section of the project page.

A world-view can now be found!

The upcoming download shall also be the very last version. i'm shelving this map for good. It's 3 years old and 2 chunk-errors have come up during renovation. Therefore, to prevent further corruption, it will no longer be updated.

Thank you.
CreditSteam_Punker, Tryneplague, Vechz, Monkeyfarm, Ethos, Sethbling
Progress100% complete

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Update #39 : by angeluscaligo 08/21/2013 2:47:03 pmAug 21st, 2013

A world-view has been rendered and added at this link

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10/21/2012 12:04 pm
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hey, angelus i was installing the map when i saw a millenaire mod, do i really need it to play the map?
10/21/2012 5:23 pm
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No, not really :) I used the Millenaire mod in the beginning to spawn little independent villages, so safe myself some work. You'll have to coope with some air-houses though (as the walls were made from non-standard MC-blocks). With the intro of the standard NPC-villages, I no longer used it :) It's also sonstrained to only 4 or 5 villages, so it doesn't really affect your gameplay in any way :D
12/08/2012 9:25 pm
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ok thanks :D
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hell yeah.
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Care for clarifying what you like? xD
06/19/2012 10:29 am
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just like the theme and everything about it. its cool. ty. do more. thx. bai. cya. lol. seriously. bye.
04/03/2012 10:04 pm
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1 and a half hour download!!! NTY but it looked like a amazing map. im feeling nice so heres a diamond (even tho its way to big, it looks great)
04/04/2012 3:47 am
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Well, if your internet connection was a bit better, then it wouldn't be 1,5 hours to download. Maps the size of this one generally are downloaded in 5 to 10 minutes when I download them... And I don't have the greatest internet so :P Thanks for the diamond though. Otherwise, check out some of my other maps that also might please you.
03/18/2012 11:28 am
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I just tried to download the "update 27", but all it gave me was the prologue intro text.
03/18/2012 1:21 pm
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Ah yes, a small problem. Dropbox has only just approved the new savefile so I'll paste the new link now :) Check the next time and it should be functional n.n
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