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arrowcannon v.3 ''the birch''

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c danovich's Avatar c danovich
Level 40 : Master Musician
i was browsing my projects page and i found this at 95%, so i completed it
reworked this to only 3 dispensers. a dispenser isnt able to shoot through another dispenser anymore so it wasn't working properly. firing modes still apply
my newer model
i tried to build one like this before, but it didn't work out because i had mods who broke down my devices, so here it is!

it has 6 dispensers, keep that in mind when reloading, you have to load from the inside and outside

the controls are about the same, three options:

i will upload one in snowy envoirment too, i guess it is better in such an envoiment(camo!!)

Progress100% complete

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100% completion : by c danovich 11/26/2011 9:35:46 pmNov 26th, 2011

i was browsing my projects and i saw this at 95%.
something was wrong with the scematic so i fixed that.
i also shaved some blocks off to make it look better

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01/30/2011 3:05 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Crafter
caseyds620's Avatar
I actually just built the Imperial Avenger 9.08 SPEW.M (M is for my mods) and I'm loving it, a great cannon, if you were to combine an arrow cannon into it, it would be cool, such as making the dispensers load the tnt with arrows upon pressing an arm button
01/30/2011 3:20 pm
Level 40 : Master Musician
c danovich
c danovich's Avatar
ghehe, that would be a cool idea yes, sadly i'm hopeless at making cannons(i keep blowing them up)
so if i can find a nice cannon somewhere on here, i can give a try at combining them yay
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