Atla's Hope

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Atla's Hope is a story driven adventure open world map set in Norse mythology, it takes place right before the start of Ragnarök ,a colossal war that causes the end of the world in mythology. It's known for being absolutely inevitable, to the degree where even gods can't prevent it.
But Atla, a goodhearted witch, doesn't believe that to be true. She thinks she found a way to turn the tides of the coming war and save the 9 realms. After you , a fearless warrior hears of it, you embark on a journey to carry out her plan and eventually arrive at the cursed island in Midgard.

Before you play please make sure you have this texture pack on-CLICK HERE
That pack was made by-tomaxed44

This map took us around 3 months to make and we really hope you'll enjoy it :) Feel free to contact us via twitter or discord if you have any questions or recommendations.
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A video about our map by SayberPlays-

The map is for 1.16.3!

Recommended settings:
Render distance - 32 chunks
Smooth Lighting - Maximum
Graphics - Fancy

CreditMelechMenuse and Jordan
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

v1.2 : 10/13/2020 6:34:50 amOct 13th

-Fixed a few bugs regarding the creation of Atla's Hope.
-Blocked a passage that wasn't supposed to be accessible.
-Cleaned the area around the island and the Serpent.
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