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Auto Semi-AFK Villager Curer 1.19

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Level 13 : Journeyman Engineer
This contraption cures up to 6 villagers in parallel. Keep restocking weakness potion, golden apples, and zombie villagers! All you gotta do then is grab a few golden apples in your hand and hold right click on the daylight sensor. The machine will spit out cured villagers until you run out or one of the resources.

Disclaimer: This is an advanced redstone contraption. Its best if you know how redstone works, and are familiar with the villager curing mechanics.
You should build this with litematica to validate your build.

Since this uses a daylight sensor it has to be built underground, away from daylight.

There also is currently a bug (at least on the server I am playing on) where the zombie that zombifies the villagers gets stuck and looses aggro. It will then just sit there stoically for an undermined amount of time in from of the villager without attacking it. It will eventually start attacking it again but there is nothing i can do about this. Unless this is happening the curer is working very fast and reliably.

PS: This contraption has been tested on our server and should run on most paper servers, but since everyone of them is different I can not guarantee anything.
Progress100% complete

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08/20/2022 11:54 am
Level 35 : Artisan Vampire
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