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Automatic Egg Collector (13w01a)

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Level 18 : Journeyman Cake
Hello everyone! I have designed this automatic egg collector all by myself. :-) When I first heard about the hopper, I was really excited to invent some automated contraptions! My friend had recently built an egg farm, where the eggs fall down and you pick them up. That gave me the idea to use the hopper to automatically put the eggs into a chest; no need to pick them up or fear of the eggs despawning! I did not copy this design from anybody! I thought of this all by myself; if someone has the same design, well they made the design ahead of me.

Chicken Jail
This is the place where the chickens bob up and down in the water. Place signs under the water to prevent the water from flowing downwards. Chickens float; they do not fall down. Note: Chickens in water sometimes lag your game depending on your computer.

This dispenser is very simple; wooden button activates it. You place your eggs inside it, push the button, and the egg smashes against the wall. You will not get a chicken all the time. Eggs have a 1/8 chance of hatching a chicken. Feel free to make the dispenser automatic or faster to use. Also, if you wish, you can make a breeding hole to use seeds to get more chickens.

Water Stream
The eggs drop into the water, which leads them to an intersection (as shown above). The intersection has an iron bar that is required! The reason it is required is required is so the eggs line up with the center of the water stream.
Also note, that there is ice under the water to speed up the travel process.

Collection Area
As you can see from the picture, the collection area is pretty simple. The iron bar is required! This is because you do not want the eggs to sit on the hopper, you want them to go in! The hoppers then drops the eggs into the chest. If you wish, you could add another hopper beneath that chest. Then have another chest below that for more storage. You could also just make them double chests.
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