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BagelBuddies avatar BagelBuddies
Level 6 : Apprentice Collective
Backstabbed! A Murder Mystery
Backstabbed! is a new take on the Minecraft murder mystery genre by Bagel Buddies that aims to reimagine the PlayMCM version of Murder Mystery with our own little tweaks to modernize the game and just make things more enjoyable all around. Join with your friends and discover all-new maps, game mechanics, cosmetics, and plenty of secrets!

Play now on play.cubekrowd.net! Use /bs1 or /bs2 to join!

The roles:
The Murderer: Starts with a knife and various tools. Your goal is to kill everybody before the clock runs out, and avoid getting shot. Your tools can help but have limited uses, so use them wisely!

The Gunner: Starts with a gun. Your goal is to identify and kill the murderer. Shooting the wrong player has consequences, so don't make the wrong choice!

The Innocent: Your goal is to survive until the timer runs out or the murderer is killed. Collect 10 scrap scattered around the map to craft a gun.

Starting a game:
To play, download the zip file and extract it in your world saves folder, then type /reload upon joining. Make sure you are running Minecraft Java 1.19 or above.

Upon loading the world you'll be dropped in the Cinema. To start a game, head towards the movie posters on the left and right click one to select a map. Then, head into the theater room across from the posters and sit down to queue. Right click the usher villager to begin! Backstabbed! is meant to be played by 4-24 players.

Be sure to read the How to Play book in your inventory or in the lectern in the main lobby of the Cinema to access Game Options, equip unlocked cosmetics, and to learn more about the game!

To spectate a match, head to the second floor of the Cinema using the stairs or elevator and take a seat in the balcony of the Theater Room.

Backstabbed! runs on Minecraft Java 1.19 and above.

If you have feedback, want to submit a bug report, or just want chat about the game, you can join our Discord!
You might even get to see some spoilers about upcoming content!

We have much more planned for future releases including new maps, cosmetics, and more! Stay tuned for updates!
We hope you enjoy our game, and thanks for checking it out!


There are multiple hidden achievements throughout the maps which will unlock special cosmetics upon completion.
We highly encourage finding these on your own, but if you're stuck, we've included a guide on how to unlock them below:
How to Unlock Secrets (Spoilers!)
The Bell: Ring the Theater Bell
You unlock this by completing the hidden lobby parkour. Climb the copper fire escape on the green building, outside and to the left of the Cinema. From here, you can parkour across the building facades to get to the Cinema Roof. Climb the lights to reach the bell at the very top and ring it.

Lance: Find Lance the Turtle in Vineyard
In Vineyard, enter the sewers through the fountain. From here, follow the west corridor to the very end. Turn right to find Lance.

Rocket Rider: Ride the Rocket in Launch Complex
To unlock this achievement, 9 stone buttons around the map must be pressed. The button locations are:
  -On the bottom of the western hydrogen tank
  -On the top of the eastern oxygen tank
  -In the water directly underneath the Rocket
  -On the side of a dispenser on the bottom iron trapdoor shelf on the western wall of the hangar
  -On the side of one of the andesite cylinders on the eastern wall of the hangar
  -In the southern garage of the mission control building
  -On a desk in the computer room on the top floor of the mission control building
  -In the car directly northeast of the rocket
  -On the underside of the yellow crane, directly above the bell in the center
Once all 9 buttons have been pressed, the countdown will start and players can use the elevator directly east of the rocket. Use this and then climb the stairs and enter the rocket. Once inside, flick the lever to shut the iron door. If the door is shut when the countdown ends, the rocket will launch and any players inside the rocket will earn this achievement.

Thriller: Awaken the Blood Moon in Library
For each Library match, 5 books will spawn on the side of bookshelves throughout the map. There are 18 possible locations for these to spawn; 5 spots on the bottom floor, 3 on the second floor, 7 on the third floor, and 3 on the fourth floor. Once found, right click a book to pick it up, then drop books in the Book Return on the west side of the first floor. Returning 2 books will open the basement entrances, while returning 5 books will begin the Blood Moon event. To complete the event, head to the westernmost wall in the basement, open the book on the lectern in the room below, and click "Proceed".

Exploring Maps:
If you wish to explore the maps outside of matches, you can do so using the Debug Room. How to access this room is explained below:
Debug Room (Spoilers!)
To use the Debug Room, you will need to join the Developer Team. You can do this with the command (Note you will need to be an operator or have an operator do this for you):
/team join test4 [​Player Name]

Joining this team will let you bypass bounding box restrictions, letting you teleport anywhere. Once on this team, enter spectator mode and fly into the Debug Room directly above the cosmetic equip/concession stand area in the lobby. From here you can teleport to any map you wish.

To return to normal gameplay, leave the Developer Team using the command:
/team join nametags [​Player Name]

This map was a collaboration between many people, including JohnStar128, _topaz, Brownie1111, BlockyM_, YZEROgame, Evtema3, Chronos22, Lekro, Kurusa, CatPlayingGames, CaptainJacob13, Zombie3597, plus all our amazing playtesters! See the Credits Room in-game for a full list!
Credithttps://github.com/rx-modules/gists/tree/main/dist for additional code
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Backstabbed v1.0.3 is now live! : by BagelBuddies 08/16/2022 11:35:46 pmAug 16th

Backstabbed! v1.0.3 is now live featuring several QoL changes, balancing, and plenty of bugfixes! Thanks to everyone who gave feedback and reported bugs :)


  • Changed the library chandelier to drop faster when more players are on it
  • Added a movement-based afk detection system, to prevent afk players from auto-queueing repeatedly.
  • Changed the player tracker to also work in the offhand
  • Added a 10 tick delay between throwing the knife and retrieving it to prevent accidental use
  • Added a display on the player's xp bar for gun cooldown
  • Added a 10 tick delay between uses of the launch complex elevator buttons to prevent multiple people using them messing with each other
  • Stop force loading maps when not in use
  • Finalized the colored boots system to help better identify players
  • Increased gun cooldown to 2 seconds
  • Moved a tree in vineyard to prevent an overpowered hiding spot
  • Removed an overpowered hiding spot in floating islands
  • Animated the ship propeller on floating islands to prevent an overpowered camping spot. The timer length on this animation is still long enough to allow travel, however. The animation can also be turned off for the original behavior by disabling animations
  • Murderer particles will only show to teammates to prevent blocking the player's vision
  • The knife will now correct itself out of a wall if it gets stuck
  • The knife's throw speed is now 1.2x faster, so it will also throw further
  • The knife should now appear more accurately to the client as to where it's position on the server is
  • Changed the book return and top floor corridor areas of library to be less overpowered camping spots
  • Added a small hedge "maze" to vineyard in the corner near the shed to prevent the gunner camping there
  • Added a bubble column in Floating Islands shop island so top of island is less overpowered

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed being able to destroy knife with lightning under certain conditions
  • Fixed 10 scrap not granting new knife retrieval when knife is thrown into void or despawns
  • Fixed not all murderer names being shown in chat when 3 murderers are present
  • Fixed victory popcorn sometimes turning into a queue ticket
  • Fixed more than 16 players causing some players to not teleport to the map on floating islands
  • Fixed the in-game bossbar's health to use the current max game timer instead of counting down from 8 minutes
  • Fixed part of the secret not clearing on launch complex when the game ends at a bad time

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08/06/2022 12:14 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Artist
roisHh avatar
Looks fun! : )
08/06/2022 11:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
TheAI123 avatar
I love murder mystery, being able to play it with everyone on ck and kill them all ;)  was just the best
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