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How to find on server: /bs1 or /bs2

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Backstabbed! A Murder Mystery
Backstabbed! is a new take on the Minecraft murder mystery genre by Bagel Buddies that aims to reimagine the PlayMCM version of Murder Mystery with our own little tweaks to modernize the game and just make things more enjoyable all around. Join with your friends and discover all-new maps, game mechanics, cosmetics, and plenty of secrets!

Play now on play.cubekrowd.net! Use /bs1 or /bs2 to join!

The roles:
The Murderer: Starts with a knife and various tools. Your goal is to kill everybody before the clock runs out, and avoid getting shot. Your tools can help but have limited uses, so use them wisely!

The Gunner: Starts with a gun. Your goal is to identify and kill the murderer. Shooting the wrong player has consequences, so don't make the wrong choice!

The Innocent: Your goal is to survive until the timer runs out or the murderer is killed. Collect 10 scrap scattered around the map to craft a gun.

Starting a game:
To play, download the zip file and extract it in your world saves folder, then type /reload upon joining. Make sure you are running Minecraft Java 1.20.4.

Upon loading the world you'll be dropped in the Cinema. To start a game, head towards the movie posters on the left and right click one to select a map. Then, head into the theater room across from the posters and sit down to queue. Right click the usher villager to begin! Backstabbed! is meant to be played by 4-24 players.

Be sure to read the How to Play book in your inventory or in the lectern in the main lobby of the Cinema to access Game Options, equip unlocked cosmetics, and to learn more about the game!

To spectate a match, head to the second floor of the Cinema using the stairs or elevator and take a seat in the balcony of the Theater Room.

Game Options:

Game Options
From version 1.3 onward, a visual display of the game options is available from the second floor opposite the spectator balcony. You can customize certain game parameters with these, here is a quick overview:

  Reset to default:
Resets all game settings to their defaults

  Auto Start: Bypass the usher and automatically start the game countdown when voting ends.
Game Time: Lengthen or shorten the time limit of the game.
Number of Murderers: Customize how many murderers are in the game, between 1 and 3 inclusive. Note that if there   are only three players and you set the number of murderers to 3, the game will instantly end. In addition, there is an Auto   option that selects 1 murderer for 3-7 players, 2 for 8-17, and 3 for 18+.
  Map Animations: Control whether the water wheel and propellers on Floating Islands are animated or not.
  Start with Scrap: Control whether players start with 0 or 1 scrap. Gunners instantly lose their scrap.
  Murderer Friendly Fire: Allow or disallow murderers killing each other.
  Update Player Counts: Enable or disable updating the in-game bossbar.

There is also a list of all current maps on the options board. You may toggle which ones are available, however, disabling a map while it is still available for voting will not instantly remove it. We have provided a "shuffle maps" button below for the purpose of updating the map selection after making changes. Note that this button does not work if players have started voting.

There are also a couple options not listed on the board, but available in the book:

  Darkness: Give players the darkness effect in-game.
  Allow Murderer to Destroy Guns: An old bug behavior brought back at a single developer's request that allows murderers to use their knife recall item's lightning strike to destroy guns on the ground.

Game rules may not be updated when the game is running.

Finally, if you are a server operator and want people to play with a certain preset of rules, you can customize them to your liking and then run /function mcm:lobby/options/lock_option. To re-enable changing options, run /function mcm:lobby/options/unlock_options.
To block people from updating game rules via the book, run /scoreboard players set $restricted GameRules 1, and run /scoreboard players set $restricted GameRules 0 to re-enable this functionality.

Backstabbed! runs on Minecraft Java 1.20.4. It will no longer work on older versions.

Our old releases for Minecraft Java 1.19 and above are available here. These are unsupported and will not be updated with new content or bugfixes.

If you have feedback, want to submit a bug report, or just want to chat about the game, you can join our Discord!
You might even get to see some spoilers about upcoming content!

We have much more planned for future releases including new maps, cosmetics, and more! Stay tuned for updates! We hope you enjoy our game, and thanks for checking it out!


There are multiple hidden achievements throughout the maps which will unlock special cosmetics upon completion.
We highly encourage finding these on your own, but if you're stuck, we've included a guide on how to unlock them below:
How to Unlock Secrets (Spoilers!)


The Bell: Ring the Theater Bell


Lance: Find Lance the Turtle in Vineyard

Away from prying eyes: Unlock the Vineyard's main attraction


Thriller: Awaken the Blood Moon in Library
For each Library match, 5 books will spawn on the side of bookshelves throughout the map. Once found, right click a book to pick it up, then drop books in the Book Return on the first floor. Returning 2 books will open the basement entrances, while returning 5 books will begin the Blood Moon event. To complete the event, head to the westernmost wall in the basement, open the book on the lectern in the room below, and click "Proceed".

Floating Islands

Airship Captain: Enter the Captain's Quarters

Flick the lever inside the airship at the coordinates -632 52 -6. Obtain a teleportation crystal (you can get one by punching an amethyst crystal with particles around it, found around the western islands) and stand in front of the captain's quarters door at -636 56 3. Right click while holding the crystal and facing the door to teleport inside and earn the achievement.

Launch Complex

Rocket Rider: Ride the Rocket in Launch Complex
First, players must find and press 10 stone buttons hidden throughout the map. The button locations are:
1. Inside the car on the launch pad
2. In the pool of water directly underneath the rocket
3. On the bottom of the liquid hydrogen tank in the southwest region of the map
4. On the top of the liquid oxygen tank in the southeast region of the map (use the stairs to get up)
5. Underneath the yellow crane (look up while directly below it)
6. On the back side of the andesite cylinder in the hangar nearest the rocket
7. On the side of a dispenser on the middle shelf in the northwest corner of the hangar
8. Underneath the blackstone shelves in the garage of the Launch Control Center (the entrance is on the north side of the building, on ground level)
9. On one of the desks in the mission control room on the second floor of the Launch Control Center (one of the iron pressure plates is replaced by a button)
10. On a wall in the underhang connected to the east edge of the launchpad, next to the tunnel entrance
Once all buttons have been pressed, the launch countdown will begin. Before the countdown runs out, any players that want the achievement must go to the black support structure next to the rocket and use the now unlocked elevator to enter the rocket. Once on board, press the "Go for Launch" button. After it is pressed, any players inside the rocket when the countdown ends will earn the achievement.

Murder on the Mississippi

How about a game?: Play the Dead Man's Hand
There are 5 playing cards hidden throughout the map: 3 Ace of Spades, and 2 Eight of Spades. Their locations are:
  - On the counter of the kitchen on the top deck
  - On a shelf on the western side of the middle deck, at the end of the central hallway
  - On a small green table in the game room on the lower deck
  - On top of the drum set on the east side of the top deck
  - On top of a noteblock on the southeast side of the lower deck, near the waterwheel

Players must take all cards to the game room in the middle of the lower deck, and place them on the long green table in the following order (from left to right when facing the window): Ace (face down), Eight, Ace, Ace, Eight

If placed correctly, a sound will play and a new door to the captain's quarters will open on the top deck. Enter and right click the chain next to the helm to earn this achievement.

Color Filth

Felines and City Chimes: Discover the music in the loud cyber city
This achievement is done in multiple parts. First, players must find and right click 9 Lucky Cat statues hidden throughout the map. Their locations are:
  - White: On the east side of the inside the ship in the center of the map (go up the smooth stone steps)
  - Black: On the counter of the spruce food stand near the ship
  - Aqua: On the counter of the copper food stand behind the spruce one
  - Yellow: On the wall of the "Babel" building on the east side of the map (walk in, then turn around)
  - White (2): On a shelf in the building with birch trapdoors on the southeast side of the map
  - Blue: On a shelf in the restaurant on the southwest side of the map (on a red wall in the dining area)
  - Black (2): Behind iron bars in the southwest region of the map (near the restaurant, you may need to crouch to reach)
  - White (3): Behind iron bars in a southern alcove of the map (near Panter)
  - Aqua (2): On a jungle trapdoor shelf in the mechanic shop, just west of the central ship

Before the next part, players should meet Panter the black cat, located directly south of the central ship. Panter will meow when a player has "met" them. After all the Lucky Statues have been activated, you can use the elevator in the Babel building to enter the rooftop garden, where you'll find Pester the black cat on the southern side. Meet Pester by having them meow, then head back to the ground level.

For the last part of this achievement, you must ring the bell contained in the central ring of the gate in front of the Babel building. This is most easily done by shooting it as a gunner, but it is possible (though difficult) to do with a thrown knife as murderer. If all the steps have been done correctly, ringing the bell will grant the achievement.

Tragedy on the Boreal Express

A Nice Meal: Enjoy dinner with a fellow passenger

This secret requires 2 players. Go to the table with food at the coordinates 1842 113 3001, and have both players sit down on the chairs. Have both players sit for at least 30 seconds to earn the achievement.

Snowed Inn

Power Restored: Restore power to the cabin


Certified!: Earn your forklift certification


Ill-Fated: Find the fallen miner

Stagnant Sanctuary

Last Hope: Deploy a final message

Exploring Maps and Developer Commands:
There are a few useful commands you can use to explore maps outside of matches, disable specific maps, and more. Note you will need operator permissions for these commands to work.

Developer Commands Guide (Spoilers!)
Exploring Maps:
To explore maps outside of matches, you must first join the Developer Team using the command:
/function mcm:dev

Entering this command will let you bypass bounding box restrictions, letting you teleport anywhere, and also bring you to the Debug Room which has teleports to every map.

To return to normal gameplay, leave the Developer Team using the commands:
/team join nametags [​Player Name]
/gamemode adventure
/tp 1 1 70 (if you wish to return to the lobby)

Shuffle Maps:
To shuffle which maps are shown in the Voting area in the lobby, enter the command:
/function mcm:dev/shuffle_maps

Toggle Maps:
You can toggle whether a specific map can appear in the Voting area. This can be done per map using the command:
/function mcm:dev/toggle/[​map name]

For example, entering the command /function mcm:dev/toggle/airship will either disable or enable the Floating Islands map. Note some maps have internal names different from their displayed names.

You can enable or disable all maps using the respective commands:
/function mcm:dev/toggle/enable_all
/function mcm:dev/toggle/disable_all

Creating Fake Players:
You can start a game using fake players for testing purposes. To do this, use the command:
/function mcm:dev/fakeplayers

This will spawn armorstands in the lobby by the cosmetic equip area that function as fake players, allowing you to start a match with only 1 or 2 real players. Note that if only 1 real player is present, the match will end immediately.

To remove the fake player armorstands, while in the lobby enter the command:
/kill @e[​type=minecraft:armor_stand,tag=fakeplayer,tag=queued]

This map was a collaboration between many people, including JohnStar128, _topaz, Brownie1111, BlockyM_, YZEROgame, Evtema3, Chronos22, Lekro, Kurusa, muksterz, CatPlayingGames, CaptainJacob13, and Zombie3597. Others who helped with this project include:

Community Mapmakers:
TacoSquad, TheLastOreo, and SuperCoxylac

ZeroIceBear, SplashBrotherBE, YZEROgame, RedstoneYay, Hraponssi, and Tai_zazanek

We'd also like to thank all our amazing playtesters! See the Credits Room in-game for a full list!
Credithttps://github.com/rx-modules/gists/tree/main/dist for additional code
Progress100% complete

10 Update Logs

Backstabbed! v1.3.1 is now live! : by BagelBuddies 06/23/2024 8:05:41 pmJun 23rd

Backstabbed 1.3.1 is now live!
This version includes minor updates and bugfixes. It is made to work on MC version 1.20.4.

  • “Out of Order” arcade machine has been repaired and now teleports you to the Game Settings area on the second floor of the lobby
  • Added dev commands /function mcm:dev/lock_options and /function mcm:dev/unlock_options which lock and unlock the Game Settings on the lobby’s second floor, respectively
  • There is now a 1 second cooldown on throwing the knife after using the recall, this prevents a bug described below
  • Updated translations

Bug Fixes
  • Patched a map escape in Stagnant Sanctuary
  • Fixed an error with Canyon’s reset function
  • Added missing “Closest innocent is…” translation string
  • Fixed a typo in Tragedy on the Boreal Express' game events
  • Fixed murderer sometimes trying to pick up the gun in very niche cases
  • Fixed a softlock that can occur while doing Stagnant Sanctuary’s secret
  • Fixed being able to smuggle knives out of the Lobby testing range
  • Fixed smoke particles coming from killing test range targets after all players leave
  • Fixed players getting multiple guns in very niche cases resulting from [MC-122021] bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-122021
  • Fixed the murderer being able to accidentally destroy their knife by recalling it and immediately throwing it
  • Fixed coral decaying on Gumdrop Plains
  • Fixed an edge case of multiple people dying on the same tick causing multiple event messages being logged per player
  • Fixed the murderer being able to arbitrarily add an event message for recalling the knife by clicking the retrieval item without enough scrap
  • Fix duplicating how-to-play books by storing them in chiseled bookshelves
  • Fix map animation toggle not working from the option room
  • Fixed item frames dropping as items when the credits play due to one frame duplicating entities

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12/23/2022 6:15 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
AMysticalMarv's Avatar
The Times I played I mostly didn't survive for longer than a minuite xD. Good for the murders
08/06/2022 12:14 pm
Level 42 : Master Artist
roisHh's Avatar
Looks fun! : )
08/06/2022 11:59 am
Level 22 : Expert Network
TheAI123's Avatar
I love murder mystery, being able to play it with everyone on ck and kill them all ;)  was just the best
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