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Bank (wip)

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avatar tealol
Level 3 : Apprentice Crafter
A bank in the middle of a small, modern civilization. Intended to be played as a 2v2 pvp map (maybe with a weapons mod installed) or you could just explore i guess

  -Night lock, doors automatically lock at night (Can be deactivated via a switch on the roof)
  -2 alarms, one in the main reception and one on the roof (Both lever activated)
  -Safety deposit box, a room full of shulker boxes that are locked (They can be opened by holding an item named Key)
  -Deposit room lock, press a button in the main reception to drop anvils behind the shulker boxes preventing them from being opened
  -Street lights, activate when it becomes dark
  -A tight world border to stop people from escaping it
  -Trash cans which have a hopper underneath that could store items
Progress80% complete
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