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Become a Pig - Only One Command

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Code202 avatar Code202
Level 70 : Legendary Engineer
Hello! Today I've made it possible to be a pig, eat grass, and breed with other pigs, as well as a handy speed boost!

Click here for the command!

Pig Charm - Raw Porkchop + End Crystal
All recipes are floor crafting

To use your Pig Charm, simply hold it and then drop it. Dropping the Pig Charm will either activate or deactivate the ability,
depending on the mode the Pig Charm is in. When the Pig Charm is activated, you will take the appearance of a pig, and
you will be able to move 20% faster than usual, allowing you to run away from your enemies! If you ever get hungry as a pig,
simply look straight down and sneak when standing on grass to eat up! Every block of grass you eat will turn to dirt, and you
will gain 2.5 hunger points. If you feel like you need another pig to keep you company, first find an adult pig, feed it any type
of food items that pigs eat, and to do so, right click the pig you want to breed with on of these items, as if you were breeding
normally. Then look straight down and right click the pig underneath you. The pig you want to breed with will walk over to you,
and to know you have done this properly, both pigs should have love hearts above their heads. Then you will create a baby pig
and the love hearts will go away, and XP will be earned as well as a baby pig! Then, after your done being a pig, simply deactivate
your Pig Charm as explained earlier.

By Code202

For 1.10
Progress100% complete

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