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BlackKyurem12's Avatar BlackKyurem12
Level 21 : Expert Network
This creation is based off the redstone used in my Legend of Zelda: Throne of Shadows map.
-Spin Attack
-Magic Arrows (Fire arrows melt ice and burn webs, Ice arrows freeze water and lava)
-Hookshot (Will only bring you to tripwire hooks and ladders)
-Boomerang (Collects items and stuns enemies)
-Lens of Truth (Turns barriers into bedrock)
-Hammer (Breaks obsidian)
-Gust Jar (Removes sand, Look down when fully charge to be boosted into the air)
-Bombs (Destroys monstereggs, crouch to place bomb on the floor)
-Hylian Shield
-Rolling (Roll by shifting and looking down, you need to put your sword away before you can roll)

This creation also comes with a resource pack with custom block models. (The resource pack works as a folder).

-Dungeon items are meant to only be used in the 3rd and 4th hotbar slot
-Don't manually put items in your offhand slot (it will be deleted)
-There is lore on items that explains how to use each item
-Grass and pots will drop rupees
-Enemies will sometimes drop hearts
-Xp will spawn fairies 
-Tnt items will give you more bombs, Arrow items will give you more arrows, Xp bottles will give you more magic
-Use the lag manager to turn on/off items

*This creation will not work in any other world as of now because the lag manager use absolute coordinates.

CreditBoomerang originally based off of Goldenturkey's concept, Rolling based off of NopeName's creation, Hookshot originally based off of a one command creation by MONKEYMAN200
Progress100% complete

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09/28/2015 3:32 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Senpai
GrayRemnant's Avatar
Fantastic work, my friend!  ;)
09/29/2015 4:56 pm
Level 21 : Expert Network
BlackKyurem12's Avatar
Thanks! I appreciate it.
09/26/2015 7:34 pm
Level 21 : Expert Network
BlackKyurem12's Avatar
If you have any question feel free to ask. Also report any bugs you find.
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