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Big snapping turtle T888 armored vehicle maintenance base

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Tank man avatar Tank man
Level 23 : Expert Architect
Video link:www.bilibili.com/video/BV1fK4y1S7j3

【 T888 big snapping turtle vehicles maintenance base 】
Size: 343 x245
Author: Tank man

By Alice story view: the umbrella company team before destruction, a common commander through various means power usurp throne, sit on the umbrella company first. And the umbrella in XXXX company headquarters moved to China, and to kill all the weight of casting to be the ultimate goal in the new world. "Dogs"

Big snapping turtle T888 vehicles operational data:
Combat total weight: 888 tons of the application of a large number of advanced carbon materials 】
Crew: 14 [2 pilot 4 people, communication and remote control, guard, 5 1 logistics, cooking 2 】
Top speed: 43 km/h
Maximum range: 3686 km
HP: 11000
Armor: the roof outside the omni-directional defense 20 mm ammunition! The only body target send to infection 】
Weapons: 20 mm rof gun X1 spare capacity: 12000; 30 mm gun X6 spare capacity: 600; 380 mm rockets turret X2 spare capacity: 21.
12.7 mm heavy machine guns X4 spare capacity: 8000; Car beheaded razor X1
Attacks: thermal imaging; Heat tracing; Tracking system; Infrared guidance;
A single cost: 1.2 billion "structure is simple, durable, high-tech accounted for less"
The company has a number: 127
Progress100% complete

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