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Brigade 1.1

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Level 8 : Apprentice Explorer
- New parkour course in Gold Plains!
- West Central Recreational Facility has been reworked and updated to be more accessible and easy to navigate. No more hordes of mobs waiting for you at the door!
- New ice boat race starting at the top of the WCRF ending in Central North!
- Lots of other small updates, improvements, and secrets!
- Something about that Hospital seems off, don't you think?

Are you sick and tired of cool-looking buildings that are completely empty on the inside?
Are you done with all the binding rules of adventure maps and minigames?
Are you looking for a simple map that's fun to explore with your friends?

Well, look no further! After 2 years in the making, I proudly present to you BRIGADE 1.0! A diverse Minecraft map FULL of minigames with almost no rules, so you can play the way YOU want to! Test your skills in the elytra gates littered around the world, or go head to head with your friends the PvP arenas! Do you like roleplay? Visit the hospital or the prison and make your own games!

I can't say this map is pretty, I'm no artist. But I can say that if you have an active imagination, you can have a LOT of fun here. So check it out, and let me know what you think! I'm always open to suggestions.

Check back every once in a while, chances are I've updated the map and there's some new stuff to explore!
Progress15% complete
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