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Build Battle 2.0 is made for TWO players only!
Build Battle 2.0 offers you the same enjoyment as normal Build-Battle. But now, you can say goodbye to external timers... it's all automated here!

Here is some more information
This is a 2 player map - no Resource Pack needed.

(From the spawn building) - The left entrance/door has a button. This starts the round. Please choose a theme from the dispenser (themes not included) before starting a round. Once the round has started, you have 15 mins to build. The dividing wall will also change green. The start button will also disappear so you can't press it twice.

At the halfway mark, the wall will turn orange and some text on-screen will let you know you have reached halfway.

When the timer stops, the wall becomes red, and the iron doors at spawn open again. You will get your inventory cleared, and be put into adventure mode. The wall will also turn to glass. Please navigate through the spawn building to see/judge each other's builds.

[To reset the map, locate a button above the map makers info board]

There are a few blocks you cannot use in this game - these are told to you in chat at the start of every round!
Please also refrain from using commands during the building process!

There is more information in the spawn room of the map! Please read that for more info.

Thanks for looking!
Happy playing :D
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02/27/2019 12:30 pm
Level 41 : Master Crafter
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