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City Hall - Lazuli City

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Level 32 : Artisan Architect
The head of Lazuli City. A grand city hall where Lazuli City's government does work and rule the city and keep it going. I'm as myself the mayor of Lazuli City, my title is Mayor Ricky. Lots of data and documents about the city's law and economy are stored here. The city will be in good shape because of us. The city plans, big meetings and many big departments are held here.. The city will become one of the best in the world The building has Lapis Lazuli blocks to represent the city and for Lazuli pride.
The City Hall is one of the earliest builds I done on Lazuli City and even in my Minecraft history. It received a few huge overhauls throughout the ages of the city's progress. At first it has Lapis Lazuli blocks all around the roof and the roof was very flat. One day, I decided to renovate the entire building to make it more grand and epic for the City Hall feel. I haven't shown all of the building yet cause I need to update my pics and the back needs few lasts minor changes. Also the interior isn't fully renovated, only some of the rooms are shown. I will posts update logs once I get the renovations done. It's technically complete cause I have built it but I need to get my hands on the images. The city will continue to grow bigger as I keep on building.
The City Hall is very wide and has two floors with a lot of rooms and five entrances to the inside. Not all are shown.
Here's the list of rooms:
  • 1 main front tall Lobby
  • 2 back Lobbies
  • 2 side Lobbies combined with a seating room.
  • City Council Chamber
  • 2 2F Grand Hallways
  • 8 1F Corridors
  • Mayor's Office, my office
  • 2 Secretary's offices 1 on each side
  • 4 Council offices, 2 on each side
  • 2 Law Management offices, 1 on each side
  • City Planner
  • City Manager
  • Civil Rights
  • Criminal Records
  • Citizen Filing
  • 8 Bathrooms, 4 men and 4 women, 4 on each floor and side
  • Healthcare
  • Hospital Records
  • Department of Education
  • Marriage Filing
  • Family Planning
  • Animal Healthcare
  • Sewage Department
  • Electricity Department
  • Water Department
  • and many more that I forgot.
Progress100% complete

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