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Combat Cube 2 - 1.16 PVP Map

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ArcadiaLabs avatar ArcadiaLabs
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
Combat Cube 2 is the long-awaited sequel of the fast-paced PvP classic. Now featuring 16 arenas, 16 unique items and lots of chaotic fun - alone or in teams. Try to knock your opponents out of that cube with all your might and be the last one standing!

You need a custom resource pack to play this map!
*Click here* to download it.

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3 Update Logs

Combat Cube 2.1.2a : 02/07/2021 7:56:15 pmFeb 7th

- Spawnegg wasn't cleared and some mob AI didn't work
- Firework Rocket didn't destroy blocks
- Map technic was broken
- Default Spawn Time for items included spectators so it spawned to many items
- Rebalanced Damage Mode

02/06/2021 7:27 pmhistory
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
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How to play your own Combat Cube Arena:

To create an empty cube use the following command "/fill 64 80 -16 95 111 15 glass hollow". To edit a cube, give yourself the editor tag with "/tag @p add editor". Every cube requires 8 spawnpoints. To place them, use "/function editor:give" to get 3 spawneggs, which allow you to place, rotate and remove spawnpoints. The green particles show where a spawnpoint is and the crit particles show in which direction the player will face once starting the game. Once you're done use the command "/function editor:save". Please note that this only works for replacing maps! A list of valid cubes can be found in your world folder under "datapack/map/lobby/functions/loadcube.mcfunction". Please note that some cubes have special commands associated with them as well. To deactivate them just remove the "execute as @e[​tag=chosen,tag=<MAPNAME>] run tag @e[​tag=cube,tag=<MAPNAME>] add active" command of the replaced map in the "loadcube.mcfunction". If you want to get the regular cube back, remove your cube in your world folder under "generated/cubes/structure/<MAPNAME>.nbt". Remember to add the "add active"-command back, if you deleted it in the "loadcube.mcfunction" file.

If you made some cool cubes feel free to send us some pictures on Twitter @TheArcadiaLabs or on our Discord server. :)
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