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avatar M0tch
Level 1 : New Crafter
A variety map featuring several custom game mechanics. It consists of four branches with little challenges, including puzzle, minigame, finding and parkour. The map is relatively short, should take a couple hours to complete. Available languages: english and russian. Enjoy!

Requirements: version 1.16.1, singleplayer only. There aren't really any rules other than that, just don't cheat ;)

This map is the result of me messing around with commands and datapacks. I have been doing it a lot lately, and have made quite a few contraptions, so I needed to give myself an opportunity to put some of them to good use.
The map has been playtested, but if you still find errors, let me know!
The archive contains two versions of the map: in english and russian languages. Feel free to select either one.
Have fun!
Progress100% complete
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