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How to Build a Redstone Computer - Resources

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Resources for my 'How to Build a Redstone Computer' playlist.

If you're interested in watching the playlist, you can view it here!
While the progress says '100% complete', understand this is an incomplete list, and more resources can and will be added in the future.

Mods! If you have an issue with so many links in one place, message me and we'll work something out.

Current Tutorials Resources:
Video Link
Resource Link
Alternative Logic Gates World
Controlled Buffers and Inverters World
Programmable Logic Array World
No Download Available
Multiplexers and Demultiplexers World
Arithmetic Logic Unit World
Random Access Memory World
No Download Available

Legacy Tutorials Resources:
Video Link
Resource Links
Basic Computer Concepts Part 1 World
Basic Computer Concepts Part 2 World
Basic Computer Concepts Part 3 World
Basic Computer Concepts Part 4 World
Basic Computer Logisim Model
Progress100% complete

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