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Craft-Wars-Warzone 2

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avatar tardreted
Level 11 : Journeyman Engineer
Plugins: AutoFill, World Edit, AntiLogger, WorldGuard, ChestRestock, MagicSpells, Iconomy, Dragon travel!, chestshop, nocheat, Mcmmo, MobArena, Essentials, citizens, Jobs, Precious Stones, Factions!

We use each of these plugins in a moderate way to keep the server fun! Watch for random buildings we have made with world guard! anything is griefable!!

You can create a faction (for a cost) and make your own empire! You can buy guards to protect your foundations! Or if you dont like to pvp you can buy SPONGES <--- from the adminshop. These protect a 20 block radius from everything!

We have dungeons! You can find them by using the dragon travel plugin (lets you fly on dragons to certain locations). They have chests with lots of rewards and bosses for you to fight! Beware these are VERY difficult but give you GREAT rewards!

To earn money just join a job! /jobs browse /jobs join (jobname)

And we have the magicspells plugin! you can use spells by holding your wand items (stick, golden boots, golden hoe, and golden sword) OR you can bind them to commonly used items by typeing /cast bind (spellname) while holding your item! These spells can be used as a major advantage in pvp or to escape/get over objects!

We hope to see you on our server soon! craft-wars.no-ip.org
Progress100% complete

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