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Cubic: The Shattered Islands

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The Cubic Team avatar The Cubic Team
Level 25 : Expert Collective
Welcome to Cubic!

This is a sky block like no other.

With a focus on survival, CTM (Complete The Monument) and elements of action and adventure, Cubic: The Shattered Islands presents itself as a challenge and a fun new way to explore. Each island is unique, with it's own secrets, loot, and a Trophy! Trophies come in the forms of blocks. Let's take a look at where you will be heading!

The Overworld
  • Grassy Plains
  • Desert of the Phoenix
  • The Boreal Lodge
  • Ancient Prison
  • Forgotten Caves
  • Skyward Village
  • Aztec Jungle
  • The Depths
  • The Forge
  • Creeper Castle
  • Icebound Spire
  • The Apiary
  • The Aviary
  • Island of the Cats
  • Altar of Hell
  • Altar of the End
The Nether
  • The Crimson
  • The Warp
  • Pit of Hades
  • Piglin Mansion
  • The Fortress
  • Bastion Prime
The End
  • Floating Midnight
  • The Endstone Flats
  • Purpur Citadel
  • Altar of Rebirth
As you can see, there's lots to do here in Cubic and there is something for everyone! Your skill and exploration will be rewarded. You can travel to The Hub and have your Trophies put on display. with this system, you can track what you have got and what you need to find! Don't forget to visit the shop to trade in your materials and buy important items!

See you in the Shattered Islands


Cubic has a dedicated, official Discord Server and Subreddit! Join up to meet other people playing the map, find out about future map releases or to just vibe and chat with friends!
To find them just follow these links!



Note: Cubic is a creative team within the Minecraft community. We are here not for profit, but for the creation of quality custom maps, modpacks, mods and texture packs. We are aiming to expand to multiple social platforms too!
CreditWamber (Discord) and Adam (Discord)
Progress100% complete

35 Update Logs

Update #35: Updated download link to make it direct! : 10/02/2021 3:30:50 pmOct 2nd

Changed download location from Mediafire to Dropbox

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10/12/2021 2:55 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Ziku avatar
I had so much fun playing the map! The islands were built really well and I hope that there will be more islands in the future on your next skyblock maps. The only downside for me is that it was too easy in my opinion. Mobs in the spawners don't spawn as much as often, sometimes they don't even spawn at all so I could just break them easily without trouble. In the shops, paying ingot for an xp bottle takes too slow to amass since it only uses buttons for payment. Using buttons takes 1 second interval on each press so you're getting 1 xp bottle per second. Overall it is a really well made map and I really hope the creator ups the difficulty and challenges in future maps!
10/12/2021 3:39 pm
Level 25 : Expert Collective
The Cubic Team
The Cubic Team avatar
Hiya Ziku!
I’m glad you enjoyed the map and I’m hopeful you’ll look forward to our upcoming maps.

I also hugely appreciate the feedback you’ve given! Feedback like this does help me make better maps in the future! So the things you’ve said about it feeling too easy, and the slow process of trading using buttons, have all been noted and will be thought about if (or when!) I make the next instalment.

Thank you!
08/21/2021 3:27 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
the_quaxterr avatar
cool map and i like it
the only thing i didn't like was that the book you buy for 16 levels has bane of arthropods and blast prot, making it useless for armor and swords
08/21/2021 4:41 pm
Level 25 : Expert Collective
The Cubic Team
The Cubic Team avatar
Thank you for the feedback, comments like this ensure that I can bring a better solution in upcoming maps. In this case, maybe I would add a few more shops, with different enchantment types and levels. Thank you! If you have any more feedback, feel free to message me or join our Discord and send a message in the feedback channel :)
07/14/2021 6:12 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Atatitio avatar
FINELY ITS HERE!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!!!
07/14/2021 4:52 pm
Level 25 : Expert Collective
The Cubic Team
The Cubic Team avatar
Oh yes it is! Enjoy!
07/10/2021 2:58 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
TheCyborgPenguin avatar
this is one of the best skyblock maps out there
07/11/2021 8:49 am
Level 25 : Expert Collective
The Cubic Team
The Cubic Team avatar
Thank you!
07/07/2021 12:38 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
IamGood12 avatar
why u made ur map 1.17? some people like me cant play that version i didnt even try so if you managed to try copying ur map but on 1.16.5 would be nice thing i hope u see my comment
07/08/2021 2:05 pm
Level 25 : Expert Collective
The Cubic Team
The Cubic Team avatar
Hiya, I'm really sorry that you aren't able to play on 1.17. I am using that version and that version for all my maps from now because I want to bring new content using new official features.

Hopefully you are able to experience 1.17 one day!
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