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Shore Of The Dead

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avatar nezoGG
Level 40 : Master Network
You live in a coastal industrial town right near the sea. The first sign was the military setting up a quarantine zone on a street and a lot of scientists coming every week. On some nights it was dead silent, while on others you could hear screams coming from there, so frightening and mysterious that they would stop anyone from sleeping. The second was just as suspicious. The military blocked the sewers and started bringing in tanks and other vehicles that you have never seen before, and the industrial part of the city also got locked down. But than, it all began. One night, while you were watching TV, the screen suddenly turned black and after a few seconds an announcement appeared. It told everyone to barricade their windows and doors, and if possible even get on a higher floor and block the staircase until help arrives. They didn't mention why, just what to do, and what you soon did. After you woke up, the sky was cloudy and it was raining, but nothing strange was going on. You decided to get to the roof, but still saw nothing. In case anything would happen. you got down and entered the weapon shop nearby. It was empty. Not a single person in here, just two crates, one full of weapons and one full of armour. Than, right outside the door, you heard a strange and loud moan, like nothing you heard coming out of the quarantine zone...

Play in 1.13.2
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : 11/07/2018 12:24:32 amNov 7th, 2018

Download link fixed !

2 replies

11/05/2018 10:40 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
for 1.12.2?
11/06/2018 7:25 am
Level 40 : Master Network
Nope, 1.13.2. Should my next maps be for 1.12.2 ?

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