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Castle Wars Remastered (1.8.1) [Download!] [V1.0.2]

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darkrage453's Avatar darkrage453
Level 34 : Artisan Musician
Latest News: Working on V2.0
Includes a few new modes and revamped lobbies
as well as an anti-cheat system + No more hopper clocks
Please report any bugs you may find in the comments below! Then I can fix them as soon as possible!

Important: Load this map with 1.8.1 pre-release 3 or later!

Today I bring you a new mini game which I call Castle wars remastered. This is a Player versus player combat (PVP) map and based off the old Runescape castle wars mini game.

═───╡◉Upon Spawn◉╞───────────═

Upon spawning in the map you must wait for all the required players to join you in the main lobby. Once everyone is there you can press the button located under the big sign. This game comes with a neat feature which is you don’t have to re-install the map! Pressing the button resets everything in the game including the landscape. Outer perimeter walls are not included in the regeration cycle.

You will then be teleported into a room where you can choose which type of mode you want to play. Then you will have to choose your class. A list of classes currently working are below.

═───╡◉Additional Credit◉╞───────────═

deerassassin0424  - Using some schematics from his awesome medieval building pack
JCJordan97 - Beta tester and bug fixer







Potion Effects

Your average general fighter

Full Chain armour
Iron sword
[GOD] golden apple

A more enchanced version of Knight but is slower

Full Iron armour Protection 1
Diamond sword Sharpness 1
[GOD] golden apple
Mining fatigue

An invisible class which allows you to sneak past your enemies

Wooden sword
Potions of disease

less insane than a Pyromaniac carriess their trusty pickaxe

Golden helm, legs, boots
Iron pickaxe Sharpness 3
Flint & steel
Poking stick Knockback 5

A ninja that quickly takes out thier enemies

Full Rouge armour
Rouge knife
Rouge bow Power 2
16 arrows
16 golden apples

War lord
Stronger than a Beserker but also a lot slower

Full golden armour Protection 2, Thorns 1
Golden Axe Sharpness 2, Knockback 1

Blinded by rage you forget what defense is and
go in for the kill!

Diamond Axe Sharpness 3, Knockback 10
Potions of rage

a devious spooky class which has the ability to instatly kill any one 5 times

Full Necro armour thorns 10
Stick Knockback 3
Potions of disease
Potions of death

The main healer of the team, can heal team mates back  to full health

Full Priest armour Thorns 10
Stick Knockback 3
Potions of healing

a cross breed between Knight and Priest

Full Iron armour
Iron sword Knockback 3, Fire aspect 1
[GOD] golden apple
Potions of healing

A custom requested class, carries a lethal Panda chop

Full Panda armour
Panda Chop Sharpness 4, Knockback 3
Panda Shot Knockback 2, Punch 2, Infinity 1

The main tank of the team, can take extreeme amounts of damage but does very little damage

Full Shielding armour Protection 5, Thorns 5
Last Defence
Potion of immunity

The speedy class, able to run faster than any other class

Full Speed armour
Protector Knockback 2
Jump Boost

Insane with fire and lava, you are the main fire based class to set your enimies ablaze

Full Pyro armour Fire protection 10, Projectile 1, Protection 1
Pyro Sword Fire aspect 5
Pyro Launcher Flame 5
Pure Pyro
Fire resistance

A potion master, you carry all sorts of offensive and defensive potions to use to your advantage

Full Alchemist armour Protection 1, Thorns 1
Potions of Strength
Potions of Blindess
Potions of Nausea
Potions of Speed
Potions of Jump Boost
Potions of Damage
Potions of Health
Potions of Poison
Potions of weakness
Potions of Fire resistance

Time Manipulator
Class yet to be Implemented




Geometry Matter
Class yet to be Implemented




═───╡◉Special Classes◉╞───────────═

Special Classes





Potion Effects

A special class which can be hard to take down

Full Legend armour Protection 10, Thorns 10
God Sword Sharpness 10, Knockback 10, Fire aspect 10, Fortune 10
Lord Bow Power 2, Punch 2, Flame 1, Infinity 1


The three potions mentioned above if you’re not familiar with them here
is what they do to you on contact with one of the potions

Potion of Disease
When applied your health will start decreasing at a semi rapid rate
Your only hope to survive is to find a priest and ask him for an antidote to cure the disease
If you fail to do so or no one in your team is a priest then you will die

Potion of Death
you get hit by this potion then you instantly die, regardless of how
much health you have or if you have a regeneration/ resistance effect

Potion of Immune
Provides complete immunity to attack for 20 seconds

═───╡◉Castle Vortex Generators◉╞───────────═

Castle Vortex Generators
On the second floor of your castle (3rd if your American) there is a part where you can generate 4 types of items;

Iron tool set that is in unlimited supply and takes 5 seconds to generate
-> Iron Pickaxe: allows you to break some stone related blocks except stone bricks
-> Iron Shovel: allows you to break grass, dirt, gravel
-> Iron Axe: allows you to break related blocks
gives you your team claimer and shears to remove the other team’s
claimers. These are used to capture monuments around the map. If a
monument is captured by your team you can teleport to it via a system on
the 3rd floor of the castle (4th if your American)

Become the Legend class, this is limited and can only be used once. It replaces your current class with the Legend class until you die
Full Vortex repair – limited and
can only be used once, used to fully repair your Castle Vortex fully
(you can repair it anyway but this would be used in desperate

═───╡◉Random mobs◉╞───────────═

Random mobs
 During the game there will be a Boss mob (1000 health) with 10 minions
(100 health) will spawn in the centre of the map this can happened only
once before an Apocalypse and once after an Apocalypse.


Game Modes
Modes In green text have been implemented, Modes in Red are still yet to be implemented

– get to the other players castle, blow up
their Castle Vortex to stop the players spawning (can be located at the
top of the castle) and kill the rest of the players to win.
Border run
– After 10 minutes of game play the borders of the map will slowly
start to move towards the middle monument. The winner is determined by
who has claimed the middle monument at the end of the game.

Last man standing – Everyone has one life, Legendary is disabled for this mode. It’s a fight to the death. The winner is the last player standing

No class
– same as default mode but everyone spawns without a class, Legendary
is disabled for this mode. However, additional gear can be obtained in
the mines and castle dining room
– A confusion mode in which all players will randomly be teleported around
the map and can sometimes be killed at any point in the game. The Abyss
is also unlocked which is a deep hole in the castle mines. It contains a
lot of mobs and a very powerful weapon.

- The defualt mode mixed with a bit of action, ION cannons, meteor
strikes and 1 - hit kill giants will spawn. This mode takes into effect
after 15 minutes of gameplay

[NEW] Flood
- Over a period of time the river banks near the middle monument overflow creating a huge flood everywhere! Mines are affected first

═───╡◉Server Recommended Specs◉╞───────────═

Server Recommended Specs
HIGHLY recommended you load this map with at least 1.1GB (gigabytes)/ 1100MB (Megabytes)

6V6 (12 players) – 250mb server

12V12 (24 players) – 500-750mb server

24v24 (48 players) 750-1000mb server

Render didstance: 10 chunks
Particles: On
Clouds: Off


Download will be available between; 24th October 2014 – 31st October 2014 30th October!
Current Download: V1.0.2

═───╡◉Change log◉╞───────────═

Change Log
November 2nd 2014
-Removed all hopper clocks and replace with more reliable clocks
+Added 3 new lobbies to replace 3 old lobbies
- Removed old lobbies
+Added Anti-cheat system
+Revamped parts of the battle field

October 30th 2014
+V1.0.2 Release

October 28th 2014
+Sped up map regeneration mech
+Fixed numerous amount of bugs

October 27th 2014
+Added landscape regeneration mech

October 26th 2014

+Updated the 5 new classes
+Planned mode: Flood
+Added support for 6 V 6 [12 players], 12 V 12 [24 players], and 24 V 24 [48 players]

October 25th 2014
+Revamped PMC page again
+Added 5 NEW classes
+Implemented Default and Border run Mode
+Revamped and added new pictures!
+New Awesome, EPIC logo

October 7th 2014
+Added more classes
+Added 3 claimble monuments (when claimed you can teleport to them)
-removed auto force verification (it lags you to death)
+revmaped PMC page

October 5th 2014

+Middle monument
+Fixed ALL bugs!
+new landscape
+Added world border around the map
+Added spectator mode when you offically die

October 4th 2014
+Added New class : Panda
+Added world boundries
+Updated to 1.8
+Bigger map 301x301

September 21st 2014
+Giant Revamp

April 2014 - July 2014

March 2014
+Creation of this project

Creditdeerassassin0424, JCJordan97
Progress100% complete

11 Update Logs

Update #11 : by darkrage453 11/02/2014 1:48:48 pmNov 2nd, 2014

Change log for V1.0.2 - V2.0
-Removed all hopper clocks and replace with more reliable clocks
+Added 3 new lobbies to replace 3 old lobbies
- Removed old lobbies
+Added Anti-cheat system
+Revamped parts of the battle field

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