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Detonate - Money Wars And TNT Wars In One [Played By PrestonPlayz] {1,500 Downloads}

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[1.11] Detonate REVAMPED: Money Wars And TNT Wars In One [X-MAS Edition]
Built By: AlrightGG

Detonate Is A Fan Made Map For PrestonPlayz That Was Built By AlrightGG. It Combines Elements From Money Wars, TNT Wars, And Various Other Games Into One. The Only Goal Is To Kill The Other Team. To Accomplish This, You Have A Base Filled With Gear, Along With Generators And Villagers To Trade With. You Can Get Most Of Your Gear By CRAFTING, Not From The Villagers Themselves. You Can Also Upgrade Your Generators If You Save Up. This Is A Game Of Strategy, No Rules Apply. Good Luck And Have Fun.

● Fully Working And Upgradable Gold And Iron Generators.
● Custom Villagers With 30+ Trades.
● 4 Optional Settings To Make The Game More Exciting.

Settings (Should Already Be Set)
● Players: 2-4
● Gamemode: Survival
● Difficulty: Normal

More Information
● This Is A One Use Map. If You Would Like To Play Again, You Would Need To Redownload The Map.
● If You Get Killed By Another Player, You Are Out Of The Game, But If You Accidentally Kill Yourself, You Can Continue Playing.
● You Are Allowed To Craft Tools With The Items You Get From The Generators And/Or Villagers. You Don't Have To Stick With Starter Gear The Whole Game.
●If You Would Like To Support Me So I Can Make More Maps, Please Subscribe To My YouTube Channel. It Is Free And I Really Appreciate It. ●My Channel!

● Added 4 New Settings: [1) No Natural Regeneration 2) PVP Timer 3) Surprise Creepers 4) Spectral Players
● Changed Animal Generator To Bread Generator To Provide Food At A Constant Rate Instead Of Randomly.
● Added 5 More Lava Balls To Increase The Dangers Of TNT.
● Edited Villager Trades To Better Match The Speed You Receive Ingots.
● Added Colored Text To All Signs And Commands To Make The Map More Colorful.
● Built Better Roofs And Added Snow To Terrain To Make The Islands More Aesthetically Appealing.
● Added An Option To Clear The Other Team's Inventory In Return For An Emerald Block.
● Improved Overall Redstone System To Work Faster With Less Glitches.
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