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[WiP] Largest Mall in Minecraft (Jumbo Galleria)

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dekema2 avatar dekema2
Level 32 : Artisan Engineer

Jumbo Galleria

Project Owner: dekema2; Co-Owner and Head Designer: DawnShaker;

Our server is currently constructing the largest, most design innovative shopping mall in all of Minecraft! It will be approximately three phases, with more in the future; the first phase will have 5 floors of stores, and meeting room. The other end of Phase I will have a large rotunda with connection to a parking garage and a bridge to new wing. Since Phase I wasn't that big at the time of our initial construction (that was going to be our server mall in the beginning). Me and many of our server members, operators and administrators thought that our server needed something to put us on the map, and we decided this mall would be it. We knew our talented builders would be ready to take the next step to construct the best and biggest mall in Minecraft. Phase III's details are still in the making, but it will include (not limited to) a new parking garage(s), and an indoor water park, aquarium, go-kart track and amusement park.

During the first construction (which was scrapped in Dec. 2013), Phase I took us over 150 hours of labor, with over 20 hours of labor from DawnShaker, and about 30min-1 hr worth of labor from other staff on our server

Our reconstruction efforts, which has completly gutted the mall and scrapped the old Phase II and Phase III outline has been monumentally impressive. As you can tell from our initial pictures, just the front, lobby and dome is started, while the interior is gutted and flooring has started.

We want your input this time! A new feature we are adding is a rooftop garden and walkway, among other player-suggested features. Please leave a reply below and tell us what you want to see in the second coming of the former Diamond City Shopping Galleria, now known as the Jumbo Galleria!

Additional Notes

Est. Completion Date: Early 2017

Over 150 Labor Hours of Work

Store Names:

  • Bergolini Italian Restaurant
  • Burger I s l a n d !
  • Grapple Store
  • Pixelcake Factory
  • Tears, Joebuck and Co.
  • Stacy's
  • Bed, Bath and The End
  • B.C. Gemmies
  • Jarget
  • Star's Bar and Grill
  • Gibney Store and Magic Emporium
  • Flowe's Home Improvement Store
  • The Japan Grand Slam
  • Enchanting Authority
  • The Testificate Depot
  • Bare Paints
  • Office Hut
  • General Minecarts
  • Arrowposture
  • 123 Guys
  • Nabazombie and Fish
  • MacBoy's Burgers
CreditDawnShaker and all store owners and their patrons!
Progress30% complete

33 Update Logs

Update #33 : by dekema2 04/25/2016 12:30:40 amApr 25th, 2016

So I stopped playing Minecraft for 2 years because I had to focus on school and I still do. After exams I will get back into it.

With this, I am collaborating with the former owners of the first server, Dodge Them All, in a reboot. This mall will be finished within the year and will rightfully claim the title of the largest mall in Minecraft, with some major design alterations.

Please stick around as I have great ideas for this project and others I am working on that were indefinitely put off

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12/09/2013 6:17 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Engineer
dekema2 avatar
If anyone has links to the bigger malls (i.e. bigger malls at the time of the video) please PM me a link.
12/12/2013 9:45 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Architect
Seamore787 avatar
Never mind on what I said earlier, if this is only 40% complete, then yes its going to be the biggest mall in Minecraft (at least to my extent of knowledge)
12/08/2013 10:26 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Pokemon
taffy1000 avatar
This is an awesome mall. Keep up the good building!

Also love the store names. Very creative!
10/10/2013 5:14 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Architect
sammorganonline avatar
This is pretty good, although it's definetly not the biggest mall in minecraft.
10/10/2013 5:21 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Engineer
dekema2 avatar
It is still a work in progress, and it's a good competitor to many of the bigger ones.
08/28/2013 10:49 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Architect
NinamanOfficial avatar
Not bad dude. Idk bout largest that's a rather bold title...but it's still really good. Check out my posts as well if ud like man. Diamond for u! :3
08/29/2013 7:57 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Engineer
dekema2 avatar
Well the size it is now is not necessarily the biggest; that's why this is only 40% complete ;D. I'm not trying to beat you up, we just have work to go. I'll check your posts too.
08/29/2013 10:20 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Architect
NinamanOfficial avatar
Ok lol ill be sure to check it out when it's done :3 and thanks :D
08/29/2013 10:19 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Architect
NinamanOfficial avatar
Ok lol ill be sure to check it out when it's done :3 and thanks :D
08/25/2013 12:12 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
TheThinker1999 avatar
Have you guys thought of adding parks/squares/gardens between all the areas, or just spaces of trees and greenery placed around the mall?
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