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Donner Mansion

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donnercon avatar donnercon
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
hi I'm Alex aka donnercon I made a massive mansion because i was board one day and I wasn't going to post it put, I thought I would because of all the hard work I put into it. enjoy.
i have it for both java and bedrock/pe the .mcworld file should have both packs ported built in but if not I've got the separate folders linked down below I also have the world in zip format for bedrock/pe and that also had the packs in it bedrock/pe version in zip format
download map for bedrock/pe .mcworld format

download stratum bedrock port 128x

download Glazebee's famous paintings bedrock port

download map in zip format (recommended if .mcworld doesn't work)

first i must recommend the stratum resource pack i made the map while using that pack and it makes it look a lot better the 128x resolution pack is free if your pc can't run it though which it should but if it don't default will work as well I ported over the resource pack to bedrock if anyone wants it its not going to look as good as on pc but its better than default, I did not make the pack all credit goes to the continuum team I just ported it to bedrock. Downloads - Continuum Graphics

next to get the full effect i would recommend the famous paintings pack by Glazebee and again, I also ported it to bedrock all credit goes to Glazebee
Glazebee's Famous Paintings Minecraft Texture Pack (planetminecraft.com)

and last of all i would recommend shaders or (ray tracing on windows 10 edition) if your pc can run it I use complementary shaders
Complementary Shaders v4 | Complementary Development

here is a list of what in the map

Large gated grounds

Indoor and outdoor pool and hot tub

Large brick patio

Stable building

Guest house

Donner manor

Grand entrance hall

Formal dining room

Massive kitchen and pantry

Breakfast room

Banquet hall

Master suite with lounge kitchen and bathroom

Billiard room


Ornate dishware room

Bowling alley

Three spiral stair case towers

Massive servant quarters with kitchen and lounge

6 bathrooms

27 bedrooms

Indoor garden with glass dome

Boiler room

Bar and lounge

Archery range

Meeting room

Art room

Music room

Keg cellular and food storage


Hidden study

Smoking lounge

Main lounge


if you all like my map I've got more I've made over the years i can post them on here if everyone wants eventually

Creditcontinuum team for the pack i use, complementary shaders for the shaders i use, Glazebee for the famous painting pack
Progress100% complete

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01/26/2023 7:48 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
donnercon avatar
I should mention that because if the size of the mansion I didn't want to put 30000 light sources down so I'd recommend typing in this command /effect @e night_vision 10000 255 true
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