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Dragon Tower - Parkour

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How to find on server: at /spawn or for the parkour /mg join dragontower

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MrBirdy avatar MrBirdy
Level 44 : Master Birb
This large tower can be found at the /spawn of the Rising Dragon server and contains a parkour. It features a tree that's grown inside with the parkour going around it all the way up. Eventually leading you to a hidden room with the dragons stash. As often depicted, the gold piles resemble piles of coins.

The tree has some branches reaching the outside of the tower. Leaving the spiral partially covered in leafs.

While build on-top of a mountain, the tower does reach the build limit.

I don't offer a download (blueprint) at this moment.
Feel free to visit the Rising Dragon server and try it out the parkour there.
Progress100% complete

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