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Dungeon - Bismuth Crypt

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angeluscaligo's Avatar angeluscaligo
Level 51 : Grandmaster Architect
I made this crypt a while ago, but somehow forgot about it! Luckily, I saved the worldefile! :D

The lay-out was made using a basic dungeon-generator for D&D and I recreated all the rooms by hand, giving each room a basic atmosphere using simple detail-blocks such as barrels, chests, mushrooms, lanterns and redstone torches. There's a few books scattered throughout, on lecterns, giving a shell of a backstory to work with. There's a few hidden tunnels between layers, usually designated by cracked bricks or out-of-place blocks.

I will be using this myself on my own server, but I'm throwing the basic design out here for anyone to enjoy!
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Update #1 : by angeluscaligo 10/31/2020 1:27:53 amOct 31st, 2020

Accidentally uploaded the wrong .schem-file. Oopsie! ^^'

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