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Dwarf's Minigames! V1.3.1

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Level 11 : Journeyman Waffle
Welcome To Dwarf's Minigames! Here, you can play many different types of minigames! Currently, i've only built the battle arena minigames fully! Parkour currently work in progress! In Battle arena you can fight mobs in 30 waves, scaling in difficulty, leading up to the final boss! After that, its endless mode! You can trade drops at the villigers for golden coins, which can then be traded for different items like swords, armour, bows, potions and more! I've Recently added a TNT cannon game, where you click a button to dispense TNT, then it launches you in the sky and you have to try to land in some rings! Each rings gives you a different amount of points and you have to try and get as many points as you can! Hope you enjoy! If you have any ideas for how i could improve the battle Arena, or the TNT cannon game feel free to comment or DM me personally! Enjoy!
CreditAlpha & Beta Testers: Skatebillion, fluyt69, Savvydev06, Mythyfox, Sugarymemequeen, JannyJane.{}{} Design Team: JannyJane, Mythyfox. {}{} Build team: JannyJane Mythyfox
Progress65% complete

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Update (V1.2.7-1.3.1) : 01/29/2021 12:08:17 pmJan 29th

Probably biggest update yet, finished parkour with 10 levels!!! That means parkour is fully done!!! FINALLY! Also added some small fixes here and there, and made it so that Credits signs only teleport the person that clicks them!
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