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Ender Corp Tower

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Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
Ender Corp Tower is the 5th and current headquarters of Ender Corp.

Information: & History:

After the economic fall of Endermann International in 2020, the company was reborn under the name 'Ender Corp' and featured a new minimalistic, clean, design. Built on the ruins of the previous Ender Corp base, the new tower was massive, and had massive rooms. Some of these include a jungle, a 80,000 gallon swimming pool, museum, ALV garage, and even a shooting range. The tower is currently located on the Ace Creative Network, after Endermann had to flee the previous server due to protests.

Dimensions & Specs:
Height :500m (1,500ft)
Width (Z):148m (444ft)
Length(X):145m (435ft)
Construction Cost:$10,000,000,000 USD
Built:February 2021
A/CConcealed - 500,000 Btu/hr / Custom Humidifier system for Jungle
ParkingUnderground Garage(1) ALV Garage(1)
Color SchemeGray Exterior w/ red lighting
Windows17-inch Quadruple mesh panes, UV-proof tinting
Progress80% complete

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