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Escalation - Speedrunning Parkour Map

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Jerrah95 avatar Jerrah95
Level 40 : Master Button Pusher
Welcome to Escalation! A parkour map where your main goal is to complete all five stages as fast as possible. The map has an emphasis on speedrunning, but if you want a relaxed and easy-going experience, the map will take you around 15 - 30 minutes to complete.

There are 5 stages each containing 9 levels for a total of 45 unique levels. Within each stage is a hidden shortcut that will allow you to skip portions of the stage and cut down on your time. Take advantage of these in order to get a faster time.

For an extra challenge, you can try beating my time of 478 seconds!

As for rules:
1. No cheating or griefing
2. Stay in adventure
3. Keep the difficulty on peaceful
4. Make sure the resource pack loads correctly

Although I have not tested the map for multiplayer, you are allowed to play with as many friends as you want.

That's all I got. Have fun!
Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by Jerrah95 08/26/2021 12:25:20 amAug 26th, 2021

-Increased the height of the house on stage 1-3
-once again fixed 4-7 because I don't test this map

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08/29/2021 7:32 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Sweetheart
xBrettBusinessx avatar
1326 time. Fun map! Thanks for sharing it
08/28/2021 2:37 pm
Level 48 : Master Skinner
Dazzles avatar
Just played this map. I can see where the speedrunnable side to this map comes from. Very balanced difficulty and the "steps" design is pretty neat too.
08/27/2021 10:04 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Thaichux avatar
Na increíble mapa. Lo ame. Literal fueron 4748 segundos (1:32hrs)de mi vida intentando pasarlo, pero sin duda los mejores en cuanto a parkour. Lo que mas me gusto fue lo de las cajas shulker el en ultimo nivel. Sinceramente no se cuantas horas de trabajo halla tomado hacerlo, pero se que no hay comentario alguno que lo valga. Mis mas grandes respetos. <3
08/26/2021 12:26 am
Level 40 : Master Button Pusher
Jerrah95 avatar
Hey, some versions of this map were impossible to finish because of some design errors. If this affected you, sorry about that. The newest version of the map has fixed these errors.
08/20/2021 4:21 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
kira10 avatar
I love this!! Even though my parkour skill is so bad, the design is def worth a try <3
08/18/2021 5:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
flintlfint0 avatar
Are we allowed to make videos on this map?
08/18/2021 5:20 pm
Level 40 : Master Button Pusher
Jerrah95 avatar
08/26/2021 8:47 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
flintlfint0 avatar
Just finished playing the map and want to say, it's really good! It was challenging, but not too hard. I especially liked the shulker box part, it was a very good finale. I think some parts of the nether were a little harder than the end, but maybe I'm just used to those shulker box jumps lol. Can't wait to see what you do next.
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