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Europa - The mining facility

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Delta Plane's Avatar Delta Plane
Level 49 : Master Architect Mountaineer
Hello everybody !
Here is a map I would like to present to you. Just imagine :

We are in a near future. Humans have sent a probe to Europa, one of Jupiter's natural sattelites. They found very rare crystals, just below the surface. These crystals may have amazing properties but they need to be extracted and studied before they can be used, so we built a base at the surface of the sattelite.
This base has an airport, a crystal treatment facility, an air factory, laboratories and... a giant flying laserbeam-mining machine ?! An asteroid has crashed right by the base, we are lucky it didn't destroy it !

You will be able to visit all of it, with all interiors decorated !
I made the whole map by myself. It could have been more complete with a little bit more time but I have to hurry up for the PMC contest.

If you enjoy the map, please leave a diamond or a favourite !

Tools used :
Worldpainter, WorldEdit, VoxelSniper
Progress100% complete
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