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Ex Nihilo in Vanilla (Only one command block)

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Kurtie's Avatar Kurtie
Level 53 : Grandmaster Modder

Hey Guys its KurtGamerzz and today I made my Ex Nihilo Vanilla Mod into one command block. The original Vanilla Mod is in my SkyFactory Mod Pack.
This Vanilla mod is inspired by the real mod
Heres the link to the original mod
If you havent seen the crafting of this vanilla mod you can see it right here

Ex Nihilo Crafting:

To craft things you just need to drop the items on top of a crafting table

Sieve : 9 Bone meals
Hammer: 2 Sticks and 2 Cobblestones
Dirt: 4 Saplings
Bone meal: 1 Feces (To get Feces just shift while walking and you will drop one. Sounds gross lol)
Cobblestone: 4 Small Stones
Stone Crucible: 7 Cobblestones

Ex Nihilo Sieving:
To Sieve the items drop it on top of a Sieve

Small Stones: Dirt
Iron Gravel Ore: 8 Gravels
Diamond: 64 Gravels (Drop it at once)

Ex Nihilo Crucible:
To Use a Crucible you need to put a standing torch then a crucible on top

Lava: Drop 7 Cobblestones on top
Water: Drop 4 Sands on top
To get the water use a bucket then drop it on top of the Crucible

Becareful your items might bounce before it interacts the Crucible

Ex Nihilo Hammer:

To use the hammer you must be standing on the block and looking straightly down

Cobblestone > Gravel
Gravel > Sand


Drill: Drop a Iron bar and a iron pickaxe on top of a crafting table
Vacuum Hopper: Drop a Hopper and a obsidian on top of a crafting table
Drill: This will automatically breaks the block under it
Vacuum Hopper: This will collects all the dropped items in 2 blocks radius near it
Tip: If you break the Vacuum Hopper you will get the spawn egg and a extra hopper this is useful if you need more hoppers

Update Plans:
Stone Barrels
More Machines
and More

If you see any bugs/glitches report it to me and
If you like this one command make sure to leave a Diamond and if you wanna see more of me make sure to Subscribe


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12/20/2015 2:51 am
Level 34 : Artisan Pokemon
BrandonDoesMC33's Avatar
This is an amazing "One Command Creation"!
I am going to use this wih my brother when I play my server!
Sevrer IP: BrandonAternos.aternos.me (You have to wait until I open it)
07/28/2015 9:16 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Programmer
milomaz1's Avatar
I love this! I haven't tried it out yet but I love Sky Factory and this looks so cool!
07/28/2015 1:56 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Modder
Kurtie's Avatar
Thanks :D
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