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Fast Ghost Mob

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avatar doug111973
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
Works with 1.10, One command, One Command Block, Works on servers:

Shade/Ghost/Spirit: Invisible Charged Creeper:

Blast Radius: 0, Fuse: 999, Health 70-75 Hearts, Upon aggroing (Hissing Noise)
you have roughly 40 seconds to kill, or he returns to the nether world. Speed + 0.6
He is quite fast so you have to be on yer toes.

Drops 1 emerald @100% and 1 Ectoplasm @10%. (Renamed Slime Ball)

Equipment: Diamond Chest Plate: Fire Protection 4, Blast Protection 4, Protection 4, Projectile Protection 4, Thorns 3, Does NOT drop. Theory behind stats: Max Protection because its a ghost, and harder to hit ;) and Thorns cuse creepers only do damage when they explode. Just paste the command into a command block, set always active. And enjoy!

Spoiler - click to reveal
/setblock ~0 ~1 ~0 mob_spawner 0 replace {SpawnData:{ArmorItems:[{Count:1,id:emerald},{Count:1,id:slime_ball,tag:{display:{Name:Ectoplasm,Lore:He! Slimed! Me!]}}},{id:diamond_chestplate,tag:{ench:[{id:3,lvl:4},{id:1,lvl:4},{id:4,lvl:4},{id:0,lvl:4},{id:7,lvl:3}]}},{}],CustomName:Shade,CustomNameVisible:1,Attributes:[{Name:generic.maxHealth,Base:75},{Name:generic.movementSpeed,Base:0.6}],ArmorDropChances:[2.0F,0.1F,0.0F,0.0F],ExplosionRadius:0,Fuse:999,ActiveEffects:[{Id:22,Amplifier:1,Duration:999999},{Id:14,Amplifier:1,Duration:999999}],powered:1,Health:70.0f,id:Creeper},SpawnCount:1,SpawnRange:4,maxNearbyEntities:6,Delay:20,MinSpawnDelay:600,MaxSpawnDelay:620}

Basically how this all works: Its just an invisible charged creeper, with no blast radius and a 40 second fuse.
A Creepers only way of attacking is exploding, and with blast radius set zero, When he explodes he only hurts himself.
I added thorns 3 to the diamond chest plate, so the player would take some damage, but only when they hit the shade.

Not 100% my idea, But Figured I would Share!
Progress100% complete

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