First island [DOWNLOAD Java+Bedrock] 1.16 (WM + WP)

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I work in World Painter since for 2 years, and now want to start making worlds with World Machine. Height map for this landscape was made in Basic Version of World Machine. Size of a map: 1500x1500

About some features of map:
- In the area of the sea and beaches, you can find shipwrecks, which may consist treasure.

- In some places you can find fallen trees which drift on the water.

- In the center of the island there are fields with crops and abandoned buildings, for example, bandit camps, houses, stones of power with silverfish, and so on

- I also added my own ore generation, and transferred the cave system from vanilla. For help in creating schematics of the caves, special thanks to 1mPer4ik.

- And I fixed bug with flat bedrock, and make it look like in vanilla Minecraft.

- I converted the map to the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, but I`m not sure if it works, but here is the link:

Have a good game. I would be glad if you like my work.
(Sorry for mistakes, i used translator)

Progress100% complete

11/28/2020 7:44 pmhistory
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Its a really beautiful map man I hope you release more of these types of maps.
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