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Flying Islands Survival (v1.7.1) [1.8.7]

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Level 40 : Master Ladybug
Flying Islands Survival is my first, and most popular map. It is to be played on survival mode, played on about several islands with different features. The islands are all of different types corresponding to different biomes/areas/strucutres, etc... examples of these are Nether Island, Swamp Island, Starter Island, Village Island.
You will start on a spawning platform, you then teleport to the lobby and from there, you can get started. You start on the Starter island which contains basic materials (e.g. wood, coal, iron...) for you to then be ready to collet and loot from the other islands.
A lot of the islands will have Loot Chests, mostly containing Ender pearls and Enderman eggs. Enderpearls will be your best way of getting around. TIP: more exposed chests tend to have worse loot.
The cooler, more useful islands are further from the main islands and the lobby such as the Village, Mushroom, Fortress (substitute for stronghold), Nether Portal and End Portal islands.
There is a scoreboard system to count your deaths.

Be careful! Mobs can easily push you off so avoid too much combat unless you really need their loot.
EVERYTHING is hand built meaning that you will find a lot of differences from vanilla Minecraft as well as differences to how the terrain is done.

The map does NOT require any mods/plugins. It is also COMPLETELY vanilla and uses command blocks (MCEdit/NBT was not used) so enable CommandBlockInputgamerule (should be true by default).
The map will be fairly regularly updated and i'll be taking any requests/comments for it. Also follow me on Twitterand subscribe to me here on Planet Minecraft for more news on my maps, and check out my other submissions such as Vertica, Escape from the Underworld 2 and Ice Spleef if you haven't done so already, and if you liked them then SUBSCRIBE!


Additional Notes



- Added 1.7.2 support
- Added Redwood, Sunflower, Birch Forest, Mesa, Snowless Taiga major islands
- Added some mini islands amongst the large islands
- Added little platforms circling certain islands allowing more space
- Major art improvements to Miner's island (also renamed)
- Rose islands now have rose bushes
- Added Packed Ice spires to Polar islands
- Added a few more trees and ores to the map
- Changes to Village island to look more like a Savanna
- Added a lot more flowers on the Plains island
- Redesigned the spawing platform
- Added a cave beneath the Village island
- Added some grassless dirt to the map
- Minor art updates to Mountain and Forest islands
- Re-arranged command blocks
- Made use of /setworldspawn
- Made use of /summon, mobs should work better now
- Replaced mobs and crops
- Fixed a few minor problems with the lobby

- Added Roofed Forest island
- Added Lake island
- Added Flower Forest island
- Lobby updates
-- Updated design
-- Updated signs
-- Updated Spawn Platform too
-- Background command block stuff
- Added a lot more fill-up space islands
- Added more caves
- Added more stone and more space on most islands
- Updated art on Candyland, Taiga, Mesa and Desert islands
- Added a couple more mobs as well as missing mobs
- Updated and added a couple of chest loots
- Fixed stuff


This update is a small update to change a couple of things i felt needed changing before updating to the 1.8 version of this map. When I do update to the 1.8 version, i will leave an extra link for anyone who wishes to remain on 1.7.x. I hope you enjoy the map!

- Massive improvements to multiplayer functionality
- Better weather control
- Updated credits
- Lobby sign updates
- Removed starter ender pearl
- Removed some blocks that were no longer compatible/buggy
- Set defaultgamemode to 2
- Updated spawn platform
- Minor art changes to a couple of islands
- Updated mobs and crops

1.7.0 (The biggest update yet!)

- Map updated to 1.8
- - Made some great use of the new features!
- Added a 'hardcore' mode
- - When on hardcore the player respawns as a Spectator when he dies
- - The game also switches to hard difficulty
- Added a PvP toggle
- Lobby updates
- - Signs now have better formatting (now with colors!)
- - Banners for deco
- - Small art updates
- - Back-end updates
- Added 'Dinnerbone' island!
- Added Granite, Diorite, and Andesite mixed up in the islands
- Added Rabbits on the Forest and Small Forest Islands
- - Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog on Roofed Forest island
- Added a lot of Coarse dirt on several islands
- More stone and ore beneath Redwood, Plains, Jungle, Mountain, Farm and Mining islands
- Extended Desert island with way more sand
- World now has a world border to prevenet infinitely extending the islands or building to the lobby
- More gamerules set up to prevent changes during lobby time
- Updated villagers (now have 1.8 trades!)
- Particle effect when spawning on the islands
- Added loads more small islands between the main islands
- More glowstone clusters on Nether islands
- Added more caves beneath several islands
- Art updates to the following islands: Plains, Roofed Forest, Savanna/Village, Nether, Taiga, Jungle, Redwood and Lake islands
- - Minor house changes on village islands
- - More trees on Roofed forest and many improvements to the canopy
- - Plains island is a lot larger and has more organized flowers
- - Extended Taiga island + art changes
- - Sea bed changes to Lake island
- - Generally, a lot of the islands have received art improvements and all look nicer
- Redone the Asteroid with new look, position and loot
- More Mobs
- - Rabbits (as mentioned above)
- - More horses and chickens on Plains
- - More wolves on the map
- - Jeb sheep on Candyland island and Upside-Down chicken on new Dinnerbone island
- - More Zombie Pigmen and a Blaze on Nether island
- - Powered creeper, somewhere...
- Lots more flowers
- Updated chest loots
- - Wet Sponge, Prismarine Shards and Prismarine Crystals are now available from chests
- Added a starter compass
- Began replacing logs with full texture logs (WIP)
- Difficulty is now locked on Normal
- Updated mobs, crops, etc...
- Fixed all spawn issues and removed the spawn platform

1.7.1 (7/7/15)

- Mobs will no longer die/despawn/fall off the islands during development or while the player is in the lobby
- Added and replace a lot of mobs on various islands
- Added to the Nether island
- Ocelots no longer have names
- Tweaked and added a couple of chests
- Minor art changes
- Fixed hardcore mode
- Fixed some glitchy flowers
Progress100% complete

23 Update Logs

Update #23 : by atomclk00 07/07/2015 3:40:19 pmJul 7th, 2015

Update 1.7.1 to fix issues with mobs and hardcore mode as well as tweak a few things

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05/11/2013 5:39 am
Level 40 : Master Ladybug
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follow me on twitter for more news on my maps!
05/07/2013 3:19 pm
Level 40 : Master Ladybug
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if you liked this map I am planning a similar map, a flying parkour which i've just started today. please subscribe if you're interested and also please give me some feedback on what you liked/disliked on Flying Islands. Thank you :)
05/06/2013 4:02 pm
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do you like command blocks
05/06/2013 4:13 pm
Level 40 : Master Ladybug
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