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[FRP] Hazduun - Fantasy Dwarven City

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[FRP] Hazduun - Fantasy Dwarven City Minecraft Map

Set against the craggy backdrop of the soaring peaks, the gate of Hazduun towers over the valley of Dungrin’s Basin – carved from the very rock and stone of the mountain. Stepping inside the broad plaza of the hall gives an impression of orderliness and precision, each facade separated by equidistant stretches of worked stone. At the far end rests the visage of a watchful dewi, their every feature etched in intricate detail; down to the individual hairs in the flowing beard and the wrinkles in the furrowed brow. Hazduun bustles with life as it did in the days before the Calamity, the metre of unceasing hammer blows measuring each day’s labour, but signs that it was only recently uncovered remain – blocked passages still await careful excavation; what lies behind can only be guessed.

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08/08/2021 12:31 pm
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Looks good, from what I can make out. But the pictures are far too dark, and the lighting is far too bright to comprehend what I am looking at.
08/23/2021 5:10 am
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