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German Cruiser Nürnberg (1934)

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Saladcakes avatar Saladcakes
Level 34 : Artisan Blockhead
This is a 1:1 Minecraft build (or close enough) of the German cruiser Nürnberg, the second of the Leipzig class of light cruisers, built for the German Kriegsmarine. Nürnberg was more of a half-sister to her sister ship Leipzig, as they were not identical in construction, and out of the two, Nürnberg was larger. She later went on to become the longest-serving major warship of the German Kriegsmarine.

In Minecraft, this is the second German warship I have constructed (the first one I will post on a later date), and the second cruiser I have constructed (also the first light cruiser). Before I constructed Nürnberg, I originally wanted to rebuild Kongō after I rebuilt Hiei, but I decided to build something different and something smaller after building large ships for quite a while. However, Nürnberg took longer to complete than I expected, as it was harder to find images of the ship, let alone pre-war images and drawings. In the end, I'm satisfied with how the ship turned out.

Nürnberg is in her prewar configuration, armed with 9 x 15.5 cm guns, 8 x 8.8 cm guns, 8 x 3.7 cm anti-aircraft guns, and supposedly 8 x 2 cm autocannons, although I couldn't find where those were placed, so only 4 of these pieces are shown in the build.

Didn't feel like typing about the history of the ship, so you can just go to Wikipedia for that information.

Hope you enjoy : )
Also if you are allowed to use my builds, just at least please credit me. Please don't call this build your own, as I spend a lot of time on these builds. Thanks.

Sources: German cruiser Nürnberg - Wikipedia
Renders made using Chunky
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11/25/2021 8:21 pmhistory
Level 3 : Apprentice Architect
BadMinecrafter avatar
Nice! Would it be possible for the cranes to be up for download? Completely fine if they aren't!
11/26/2021 12:44 am
Level 34 : Artisan Blockhead
Saladcakes avatar
I might make a separate post with the cranes. I have a few designs that I have decorating my ship-building map.
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