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LexZeta's Avatar LexZeta
Level 41 : Master Batman
The updates are always made with the last official version of the game. I wont port it to outdated versions of the game.

Gotham City Minecraft Map

You can travel all around the city with the Monorail, by the eleven Monorail Stations.
directions_subway East End > Diamond > Financial > Central > Old Gotham > Chinatown > Park Row > Otisburg > Narrows > Burnside > Bristol directions_subway

Gotham City Minecraft Map

Here is the list of all the districts and some of the buildings that I have built on this map
Uptown :
  • Gotham Heights :
      - Orphanagedone_all finished

      - Panessa Studio done in progress
      - North Refrigerationdone_all finished
      - Iceberg Lounge done_all finished
      - Gotham City Mayor Mansion done_all finished
  • Financial District :
      - Wayne Enterprises Towerdone_all finished
      - RH Kane Towerdone_all finished
      - White Investment× no inside yet
      - Blaze Comics Gotham HQdone_all finished
      - Robinson Park (Uptown)done_all finished
  • Diamond District :
      - Killingers Department Store (mall)done in progress
      - Wayne Foundationdone_all finished
      - GothCorp× no inside yet
      - Stagg Towerdone_all finished
      - Janus (Sionis Corp)done_all finished
      - Mendo Soapsdone_all finished
      - Gotham Queen Ind. HQdone_all finished
      - Gotham LexCorp HQdone_all finished
      - Royal Hoteldone_all finished
      - Black Canary Clubdone_all finished
      - Uptown Big Belly Burgerdone_all finished
      - Gotham Quick Marketdone_all finished

      - Daggett Ind.done_all finished
  • Amusement Mile :
      - Amusement Parkdone_all finished
      - Dixon Docksdone_all finished
      - K.O.R.D. Industries donein progress

      - Falcone Shipping Warehousesdone_all finished
  • Cape Carmine :
      - Rogers Yacht Clubdone_all finished
      - Lighthousedone_all finished
  • East End :
      - Cobblepot Family Manordone_all finished
      - Krank Co. Toysdone in progress

Midtown :
  • The Cauldron :
      - Midtown Pauli's Diner done_all finished
      - Arkham Asylum done in progress
      - Shreck's × no inside yet
      - Gotham City Cathedral done_all finished
      - Miller Harbordone_all finished
  • Old Gotham :
      - Robinson Park (Midtown) & Botanical Garden done_all finished
      - City Hall done_all finished
      - O'Shaughnessy's done_all finished
      - Central Station done_all finished
      - Solomon Wayne Courthousedone_all finished
      - Clocktower done_all finished
      - Gotham City Radio (GCR) Tower × no inside yet
      - Gas Stationdone_all finished
    Gotham Gazettedone_all finished
      - Gotham Heralddone_all finished
  • Little Italy :
      - The Roman (Restaurant) & Falcone Towerdone_all finished
      - Sal (Club) & Maroni Towerdone_all finished
      - Gotham City Bankdone_all finished
      - Giovanni Pizzadone_all finished

  • The Bowery :
      - Opera House done_all finished
      - Alan Wayne Tower (Old Wayne Tower) done_all finished
      - Lady Gotham Boats Departuredone_all finished
      - Midtown Big Belly Burger done_all finished
  • Chinatown :
      - Finnigan's Bar done_all finished
      - Aparo Park done_all finished
      - Gotham Stock Exchange done_all finished
      - Market place done_all finished
      - Ratcatcher's Hideout
    done_all finished

  • Burnley :
      - Cyrus Pinkney Natural History Museum × no inside yet
      - Gotham City Police Department Crime Unit HQ done_all finished
      - Olympus Hotel done_all finished

Downtown :
  • The Narrows :
      - My Alibi Bar done_all finished
      - Harvey Bullock Appartmentdone_all finished

      - Selina Kyle Appartmentdone_all finished
      - Elliot Memorial Hospital done in progress
      - Puckett Park done_all finished
      - Gotham Star Labs done_all finished
      - L'Elegant (restaurant) done_all finished
  • Coventry :
      - Gotham City Rogues Stadiumdone_all finished
      - Rogue 1 Coffeedone_all finished
      - Gotham's AC. Doyle Librarydone_all finished
      - Gotham City Fire Station done in progress
      - Argus HQ done in progress

      - Cadmus HQ× no inside yet
  • Otisburg :
      - Soder Cola × no inside yet
      - Sionis Steel Mill × no inside yet
      - Koul-Brau Breweries × no inside yet
      - Stagg Industries Factory × no inside yet
      - Ace Chemicals Factory done in progress
      - Monarch Playing Cards Factory × no inside yet
      - Sartorico × no inside yet
  • Park Row :
      - Wayne Memorial Clinic done_all finished
      - Downtown Pauli's Diner done_all finished
      - Morrison Park done_all finished
      - Monarch Theatre done_all finished
      - "Crime Alley" done_all finished
      - Martyr Churchdone_all finished
      - Port Adamsdone_all finished
  • Blackgate Penitentiarydone in progress
  • Tricorner :
      - Knightsdome Sporting Complexdone in progress

      - Tricorner Lighthousedone in progress
      - Empire Theatredone in progress
      - James Gordon Appartmentdone_all finished
Shore districts :
  • ⇑ Road to Metropolis
  • Slaughter Swamp  done_all finished
  • Bristol :
      - Wayne Manor done_all finished
      - Main Batcave done_all finished

      - Falcone Mansion× no inside yet
      - Elliot Mansion× no inside yet
      - Bertinelli Mansion× no inside yet
      - Cemetery done_all finished
  • Burnside :
      - Gotham Zoo done_all finished
      - Cobalt Shopping Plaza done in progress
      - Haly's Circus done in progress

      - University done in progress
      - Librarydone in progress
      - G247 Supermarket donein progress
      - Residential area donein progress
  • Archie Goodwin International Airport  donein progress
  • ⇓ Road to Blüdhaven

Gotham City Minecraft Map

Progress80% complete

24 Update Logs

Update #24 : by LexZeta 10/14/2023 11:14:30 pmOct 14th, 2023

a lot of new buildings; improved a lot of textures

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02/21/2024 11:46 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Bats6969's Avatar
Lex, your Gotham City out of all Gotham City maps I have downloaded its just do not get bored of it.
02/21/2024 11:44 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Bats6969's Avatar
I have a question - in the clock entrance there is a button behind the clock but it doesnt do anything. Is it gonna stay like this or are you waiting for 1.21 to release and than use make the clock an entrance to the Batcave? The clock is my favorite entrance to the Batcave - please make it.
02/21/2024 8:56 pm
Level 41 : Master Batman
LexZeta's Avatar
Hello there !

Actually, it was working but I just rushed the latest version of the map, and as I did redesigned the Batcave for the 1.20, I forgot to fix some command blocks.

Am not sure of when I'll post a new update, I did quite a lot of things since the one that's downloadable now, but I want to wait for a few more improvements to upload it.

By the way, even though I don't post updates, I still update it almost every day so don't worry about this !

Have an awesome day !

and thank you so much for your support, it's what makes all of this matter <3
01/26/2024 7:08 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
orangetornado's Avatar
i have a request if you can port it to 1.12.2
01/27/2024 9:08 pm
Level 41 : Master Batman
LexZeta's Avatar
Nope, will never port it to old versions of the game.

I'm sorry, but am using the new features of every update, so if you play in outdated versions you'll have to adapt the map by yourself
01/18/2024 11:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
avidbiscuit's Avatar
how do you access the batcave without having to tp to 111
01/21/2024 5:27 pm
Level 41 : Master Batman
LexZeta's Avatar
There's a button in the Shakespeare bust, one behind a clock, and one on a piano in Wayne Manor
01/18/2024 11:10 am
Level 1 : New Miner
avidbiscuit's Avatar
What are the coords of the room with the tp signs in them? that you are in when you first spawn
01/17/2024 1:29 pm
Level 26 : Expert Artist
How2Lemon's Avatar
It's so great to see this come along, theres almost no "Not Build" tags on the list now, and I am so excited to see one of my childhood shows main location be recreated. Keep on going, it's looking great.
01/21/2024 5:25 pm
Level 41 : Master Batman
LexZeta's Avatar
Oh thank you so much <3
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