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Mystery Shack

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Haziel Pax avatar Haziel Pax
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
I know there's already Gravity Falls on minecraft. But I decided to make one myself. It comes with a resource pack (Combinations of lots others) 618.

The Main Attraction of this map is, of course, the Mystery Shack. But there is a lot more; there is also the portal room (need to stabilize it, ironically), the 'second floor,' Gideon Bot, the town itself. Working on Scatterbutt Island (I think that's how it's spelled), and there is even the Tree Hideout/Bunker. And I am working on a moving Shacktron, or was, may be scrapped now. More Updates will be more frequent. (Update: Not)

(Update: I have not updated commands for newer versions, please be sure to load it in around 1.11. I'll see if I continue this project in the future.)

It'd be better to use the resource pack for you
to see some things (Ex: Birch Log =TV, End Pearls=Grappling Hook etc.)
CreditAmazing People
Progress65% complete

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