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H.E.L.I.O.S (underground bunker)

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avatar Honora
Level 6 : Apprentice Crafter
Hi there. ^^

I made an interactive underground bunker that resembles an octopus in appearance.
Each arm is a quarter:

-Control room

Here you can interactively control the bunker. The lights can be turned on and off, the gates of the corridors leading to the wings closed, the cells of the prison and experimental lab opened, or the outer door of the exit opened.

-Guard station and generator

Here is the bunker generator that supplies power to the quarters. Caution, disconnecting it will cause an explosion and interrupt the power supply to the bunker.

A senior subordinates meeting room is also here, as well as a prison where offenders can be celled.


An ideal place for a small farm where fruits and vegetables can be grown.

-Bedrooms and Canteen

The bedrooms of the residents, each room with the names of the residents.

The large canteen with windows overlooking the water.

-Water Tanks

Here you can control the fountains in the bunker( central room, research discrit, forestry), turn them on and off.

-Shopping Discrit and Forestry

There is a restaurant, a clothing store and a grocery store. As well as an administration department where newcomers can register.

At the end of this wing is the Forestry, which is a huge underground park for those who want a walk in nature.


If you want to exchange money or put it in a bank you can do it here. In addition, it is set aside here for its food and objects. Here are many important foods and items for the harder times

-Medical Discrit and Research Center

The hospital has patient care and also performs surgeries.

The research labs research and produce the antidote to the erupted zombie epidemic, and at the end of this wing there is a large lecture hall where residents can hold rallies.

Some of my own comments:

I think it’s a medium-sized building, so don’t expect huge buildings and parts. Interactivity means that certain things can be turned on and off, not too complicated.

Redstone solutions aren’t too elegant either, if anyone is interested in it, they’re as simple as possible.

I created the bunker primarily for the purpose of scattering it, so that everyone can demolish it, experience a zombie invasion in it, ect. a little Resident Evil 1 inspired.

Have fun! :) <3

p.s.: If anyone would build on it, make it better, please do it and show it to us. :))
Progress100% complete

04/12/2020 2:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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