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The Wizarding World (Harry Potter Server) [TWW]

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MrMini's Avatar MrMini
Level 40 : Master Skinner
Hello, everyone from PMC!

This is our official Harry Potter project: The Wizarding World.

We have been working on this project for more than four years now, and plan to release the project as an MMORPG server full of spells, potions, adventures, puzzles, and more. 
However, the project has been moving forward slowly because we are losing staff and losing money. The only hope that has kept us on our feet is our goal.

We need your help to reach this goal, We need:
texture artists,
plugin developers, etc.

If you believe you can help us in these skills, please fill out the application template attached in this post. However, that is not the only thing you can do. 

Simply being a great supporter by spreading the news, donating, and showing your love will help launch this project further. Tell you friends! Tell your mom! Tell everyone you know! If you would like to see our goal become reality, please support us. The server will not happen without your support. 

If you can't do any of them

Please fill out this application if you believe you are experienced in building, plugin developing, texture developing, etc. When you are finished filling out the application, send it to me through a PM on PMC. 

Staff Application Template:

Your Desired Position? : [Builder, Plugin developer, Moderator (teacher),/bgcolor] Texturepack artist (if you’d like to suggest another staff position, please comment below)]

Your Age? :

Your Time zone? :

Your Skype name? (Mic is not necessary) :

How long have you been...? : Building, making plugins, moderating a server

How experienced are you? :

How many hours can you spend on server (per week)? :

Do you agree not to share server information and ideas until release? :

Also (specific staff position requirements) :

For Builders
Few pictures of your best work: 

For Plugin Developers
Few best plugins:

For Moderator
Servers you were/are moderator on: 

For Texturepack Artist
Your best texturepack: 

Please not that the need for experienced builders and plugin developers is urgent at this time.

If you have any other questions regarding staff positions, please PM me via PMC or Skype. Do not spam me asking for the information or the release date of the server. If you would like to donate, also PM via PMC or Skype.

My Skype: alen.hodzic72


Our websites: mc-thewizardingworld.enjin.com/

Thank you for your time!

Progress50% complete

1 Update Logs

Diagon alley big update : by MrMini 07/09/2015 12:32:28 pmJul 9th, 2015

Big update of London and Diagon alley
we are soon finnishing diagon alley and leaky cauldron no pics, but there will be soon!!
next step is going to be hogwarts interiors and other stuff in hogwarts!!
We need more builders!

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09/16/2017 6:59 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
PauMB's Avatar
I have created my skype.
Is: paumartibiosca2@gmail.com
09/12/2017 8:45 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
PauMB's Avatar
Please i want to help
09/11/2017 2:22 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
PauMB's Avatar
And I can spend 10 hours per week.
And i have been creating some maps with command_blocks
09/11/2017 2:21 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
PauMB's Avatar
My Miecraft Nick is: PauMB
I am 13
I live in Spain
I don't have skype
I know about commands and I have a lot of amazing ideas for the server.
I will really like to help to create a Harry Potter server!!
02/26/2017 5:42 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Kong149's Avatar
I am 13
Live in america
Skype Roman Johnson
I have been buliding (though not on servers) just 1 year I am really good at capturing detail so don't worry
I can spend on a server for 2 or 3 hours
I agree to not share any server infromation... trust me I can keep a secret
07/22/2016 7:10 pm
Level 24 : Expert Mage
MrNygus's Avatar
Is your project still alive? Do you remember me? I am from the Polish server :)
03/09/2016 9:59 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
OrangeMemes's Avatar
Are you still looking for staff?
10/20/2015 6:40 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Architect
BooksAreLife_'s Avatar
Staff Application:

Your Age? : I am 14 years old.

Your Time zone? : U.S.A {Mountain Time zone}

Your Skype name? (Mic is not necessary) : My skype name is --> Hermionegranger111801
I can't use it unless I am speaking to family members. I probably can only use it to hear you guys, but I will not be able to talk or show my face, anything like that.

How long have you been building? : I've been building for about 3 years. I wasn't good at first, but I'm much better now. I have built many Harry Potter things, and would love to build mor

How experienced are you? : I have been a staff member on another Harry Potter server, {Which closed down.} Meaning I have lots of experience with being a member of a server. I love to help people, and am good at building.

How many hours can you spend on server (per week)? : About 4 hours, per week. I have lots of Homework that I need to do, including essays, studying. But other than that I am off. About 1 hour per day, but around 4 hours every week. I may vary other weeks, and days.

Do you agree not to share server information and ideas until release? : I definitley agree, why ruin the magic. Its better not to spoil it so that they don't expect whats coming, but is instead surprised by what they see.

For Builders
Few pictures of your best work: (Putting on mediafire, because I do not know how else to do it. Then I will pmc message them to you.) 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Means a lot to me. :D
10/07/2015 12:06 pm
Level 1 : New Pig
Jimbo_kings1's Avatar
i'm 20
im in england
i don't have skype
i have been building rambdom things for 6 years and texturing 1 year
i am quite expirienced
around 5 hours
and i promise i will keep secrets
10/07/2015 11:58 am
Level 1 : New Pig
Jimbo_kings1's Avatar
and will be able to help with textures and building
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