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"Haven" (VoxelSniper Terrain)

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avatar LeafySeaRabbit
Level 56 : Grandmaster Bunny
So this is my project, finally stopped procrastinating and got it done. Good work to me! This was a funky project to make as it started off as a 300 x 300 floating island which I was just going to play around with but than I decided i'd to make it into a full on landscape. Kinda went for a mystical type theme but it changed up as I went through with it. Next i'll be uploading a new WorldPainter map but since it's been a while and i've been burnt out from WorldPainter I wanted to do something in game with Voxel and stuffs. I'm not really one to write much in my descriptions so i'm just gonna leave it here lmao.

I hope you enjoy the map my frands! :>

Amazing cinematic by BiGUNMAN, please go subscribe to him and give him love. Puts out amazing cinematics, some of my favourite ones have been from him.


Tools used -


Also, if you want to see the progress go onto my Twitter and than go through my media (Click Here), project spanned around threeish months but probably only worked on this for like three days in total idk lmao. Also, tell me if the world spawn is right because i'm not really too sure :p pls and if the download doesn't work you may have to use a different browser as MEGA is my favourite file host xggsdeeee
Progress100% complete

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  • skelebree
  • Level 44
  • Master Turtle
  • October 21, 2016, 8:42 pm
Great map, doing a survival! So much fun! Before I do, gotta explore! Love the map, here's a diamond!
Amazing! I'm gonna expand on that lil village you got there.
Thanks! Change up what ever you want. :D
  • inHaze
  • Retired Moderator
  • Level 96
  • Overlord Terraformer
  • October 21, 2016, 10:35 am
Nice job, love handmade terrain like this, wish more people took the time to do it this way.
Haven't really seen many people uploading Voxel or WorldEdit terrains, they're normally accompanied by something like a massive mega build. Thanks by the way, and thanks for your great build commands aswell!
  • DanSoFab
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • October 21, 2016, 1:08 am
Very nice! Diamond + download! (Wait how do I give diamonds again?
Thanks alot! The diamond button is that button just above the picture on the left side http://prntscr.com/cxarxk :D
  • _Killerack_
  • Level 58
  • Grandmaster Terraformer
  • October 21, 2016, 1:02 am
good leafy :)
ty Killerack b :>
  • AkioMC
  • Level 29
  • Expert Ninja
  • October 21, 2016, 12:43 am
Wow nice :D
Thanks :D

1 - 14 of 14

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