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HearthCraft Spawn - Ascended Islands

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How to find on server: Go to /spawn

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Keizizze avatar Keizizze
Level 29 : Expert Cupcake
Get a feel around HearthCraft and its coziness by exploring its carefully-crafted spawn! It features a village, 2 duel arenas, one free PvP arena, a river, two mountains, a central meeting place with a torch and hot tub, a farm area, and a nature build.
CreditYandaPanda, MaebeeNot, blueberrystars, CindyUWU, twitchtipp, WIX3Y, NoHaxJustaDuck, Jysusplash, Melbelle, Ley, CatX_, simonee, itsEEC, ItsDed, HardwareDE, Franqwerty, _SilentBeauty_, bibi_owo, Eagle___
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